Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Troy New York Mass Shooting - Not a Gun Free Zone

Local news reports with video

Five are injured and a shooter is on the loose after a tragic incident at a Fourth Street pizzeria early Sunday morning
A five-victim shooting occurred at approximately 12:30 a.m. Sunday in front of Gino’s Pizzeria at 123 Fourth St. in Troy.
Preliminary investigation reveals that one subject on foot fired upon pedestrians outside of the pizzeria. The five victims were all directly struck by the gunfire and the suspect fled on foot.


  1. Mike, I'm not sure if its just me, but your link doesn't seem to go anywhere.

    "Although the investigation is ongoing, police know now that one victim was the target of the Sunday morning shooting outside of a Fourth Street pizzeria.
    Authorities say the alleged gunman, a resident of Watervliet, had not been identified or apprehended as of press time, but he’s had frequent encounters with police. A second of the five total shooting victims was possibly another target, police say."

    “This wasn’t an act that was directed at that block based on its location or by the frequency of population there,” Cooney said. “It was really just about this person or persons who were targets happened to be there at the time.”
    He said it could have happened at any local business.
    “We’re not going to look at Congress and Fourth as being a problem area per se,” Cooney said. “We’re going to look at wherever this guy and his associates go as more of concern to us.”

  2. It happened in New York, a state where legal carry is a lot more difficult than it is in free states.