Thursday, November 25, 2010

Andrew Johnston Takes on PETA

..and fails badly.

One of the hallmarks of gunloonery is to create a strawman and then beat it relentlessly. In this case, Andy Johnston claims the following:

1.)  Excess consumption of red meat doesn't contribute to disease or obesity;
2.) A vegan or  vegetarian diet doesn't taste good; and
3.) There are no benefits, whatsoever, to a vegan or vegetarian diet.

Of course, Andy Johnston attempts to tie this into gun control which is like trying to claim LeBron James has some underlying connection to North Korea.

It's pretty easy to debunk Andy Johnston.  The Mayo Clinic is pretty clear that excess consumption of red meat contributes not just to obesity but a host of diseases.

As to whether or not a vegan diet tastes good or not--it's subjective.  I've been to a number of vegetarian and Indian restaurants and I've been very satisfied. But--full disclosure, I'm not a vegetarian--I tend tend to like salads and tofu.

When Andy Johnston claims there aren't any benefits to veganism or vegetarianism,  he is just being silly. Aside from the documented health benefits--consider the economic bennies.  Even if you buy the cheapest cuts of meat--veggies cost less.

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  1. I'm a vegetarian. I'm attracted to the vegan lifestyle, but I can't quite give up cheese.

    My reasons are not about health benefits, though. Those are a side affect. I don't want to participate in the mass production of meat.