Saturday, November 27, 2010

How to Convert Your AK-47

via FatWhiteMan, we have this fascinating article which perfectly illustrates the attitude of "lawful gun owners."

If you are in possession of a “POST-BAN” AK-47 rifle and want to bring it up to “no-ban” status, this article will take you through the steps to outfit you with a legal, “pre-ban” appearing rifle.
They say in Naples Italy, a city known for its lawlessness, when the seat-belt law came out the street vendors suddenly were hawking T-shirts with the image of a seat-belt stamped on them.

That's what gun owners are like. They obey the laws they agree with and find ways to circumvent the ones they don't, all they while claiming to be "law-abiding" and pointing their fingers at criminals.

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  1. Holy crap! You mean lawful gun owners are obeying the law? Someone dig up Peter Jennings. Mikeb has the scoop of the century.

  2. The article I linked to was all about how to obey the law. Must be a loophole or something.

  3. Uh, Mike, if you actually read the article, it instructs people on how to restore an AK without breaking the law. To emphasize, the author advises "{i}f you don’t fully comply with the 922r statute, you can be faced with confiscation of your rifle and a felony change. If convicted, this means Federal Prison time. It ain’t worth it folks! Do it right or don’t do it at all." What's evil about that?

  4. Gunloons often do this; you can go to most any gun show or visit some of the gunloon forums online and find instructions on how to convert from semi-auto to auto.

    Of course, they all provide a disclaimer. But so do the folks who offer instructions on how to turn cold medication into meth.

  5. Jade,

    If you actually understood anything about guns and gun laws you would know that this does nothing to convert the action of anything from or to full auto.

    All this article addresses is cosmetic features that do nothing to the fire control systems. It simply makes sure your gun, that was blocked for importation by President Bush, is legal to possess because of silly cosmetics.

  6. So much for always being right Jade! Don't worry. It's not a gift.

    I think the disclaimer for cooking speed mainly applies to house fires.

  7. What I call circumventing the law is what you guys call ensuring you obey it.

    What we have here is a breakdown in communication.

  8. If a certaiin weapon is banned and you modify it to no longer qualify for the ban, that's circumventing.