Friday, November 26, 2010

Inexplicable Shooting in Florida - 2 Dead, 4 Wounded

Six friends are sitting on the front porch the night before Thanksgiving.  They live in Ruskin, a nice suburb of Tampa. None of them was into drugs, carried a gun or had any enemies.  I guy pulls up in a van, gets out and as he approaches starts shooting.  

I know this can happen anywhere, and it does, but Florida seems to have more than its share.   Why do you think that is? Could it have something to do with the high availability of guns in the Sunshine State?

What's your opinion?  Don't you find it completely self-serving that pro-gun folks use incidents like this to justify why they need guns rather than why we need better gun control?  

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  1. Well you are the one who claims they were more likely to be struck down by a meterite on their front porch. How is that not self serving?

  2. Oh, no, in Florida the number of shootings far outnumbers the meteorite strikes. It's the DGUs that I have my doubts about.