Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Breda's a Good Writer

Thanks to RuffRidr, I read the post that Breda wrote about me a couple weeks ago. I realize I just fell into the first trap by presuming it was about me, but most of the commenters seemed to be under that impression except Sebastian, who thought it was about Jadegold.

In this fairly slick essay, by referring to me and gun control bloggers in general as "trolls," she simply reversed the roles of pro-gun and gun-control writers by saying, for example, that "the majority of the time the ugliness is started by trolls."  That's really not been my experience. Another example is this: "They want a chance to call people names and be nasty to complete strangers." Does anyone who reads the gun blogs really think that applies to the gun control advocates and not the, as Breda herself said, very passionate gun bloggers?

The thrust of her post was that "I (they) want attention."  Her advice is to ignore us, but it was offered in a silly imitation of Fight Club.

By far the most interesting part was the comments. .Not one of the 35-plus commenters said, "I don't think Mike is a troll, he's just wrong. But he's got a right to his opinion just like everybody else."   Not one of them said, "Maybe this "troll" label applies to gun-control bloggers in general, but not Mikeb.  He's the one that Linoge wrote about at great length warning us that guys like Mike are dangerous because they're trying to take our rights away."  Linoge isn't the only one who has called for a united effort to fight against this "danger." That doesn't sound like a troll who just wants attention.

Some of the commenters, I suppose, desperately want Breda's approval.  There seems to be a good following of them on her blog.  Others tend to support each other against any gun control writer regardless of who's right or wrong.  What I don't believe is that any one of them really thinks I'm a troll.  They just think I'm the enemy and this is the latest battle cry.

Speaking of the comments, the one left by RuffRidr was interesting. Speaking to Breda he said, "...he really seems to concentrate his blog posts on you for some reason."  Twice he's said as much to me.  I don't know what he's trying to do, but anyone who reads the blogs can tell you I've written much more about Bob S., Weer'd Beard and Linoge.  And as usual, his insinuation kinda flips around the fact that Breda is the one who has a problem with me.  The reason is because I dared to challenge her on a couple videos she posted last year, one in which she demonstrated her lack of proficiency with a rifle, the other in which she broke at least one of the Four Rules.  More recently, the one I guess she was referring to in this post, "It has recently come to my attention that certain trolls have been writing about me," I suppose she didn't like my challenging her for posting about drinking beer on her gun blog which in my opinion is extremely irresponsible. She and her fans didn't like my pointing it out.

What's your opinion?  Please leave a comment.


  1. Breda has many gunloon fans because she's a woman. Not because she's a good writer or has anything particularly interesting to say--it's all about her gender.

    Gunloonery is overwhemingly white and male. So, when the odd non-white or non-male gunloon appears, the predominantly white and male gunloon segment literally trip over themselves to flatter, encourage and otherwise suck up to the outlier.

    OTOH, one only need see how women on the anti-gun side are treated. Japete and Robyn Ringler are good examples; both are called vile names and threatened.

    I suspect Breda realizes this. But she has a background of profound low self-esteem and a family background that is, well, less than stable. As such, Breda *needs* the attention and welcomes it--though she probably understands it's not about her as a person.

  2. I thought your Breda post was a bit much. One in a thousand posts mentioned alcohol and suddenly you equated because she mentioned alcohol in a separate post once that she advocates handling guns while drinking. Pretty far leap even for you. I thought at best you were tip-toeing into Jade territory.

  3. Boozin' and gunloonery, FWM.

    If you own firearms, you are responsible for it 24/7. That means you can't say "well, I'm going to take off being a responsible gunowner for a couple hours while I swill cheap suds."

  4. So Jade then you are against police officers drinking off duty?

  5. FWM, I think your judgment is a little severe. I've written an almost identical post about Weer'd in the past. And the reactions were just about the same. The more reasonable guys, like yourself, shared their personal policies about drinking and gunning. The majority however just offered their indignation and outrage.

  6. What did you consider harsh? The part where I compared you to Jade? :)

  7. Jade: “So, when the odd non-white or non-male gunloon appears, the predominantly white and male gunloon segment literally trip over themselves to flatter, encourage and otherwise suck up to the outlier.”

    I thought gunloons are supposed to be sexist and racist?

  8. TS: They are. The point you miss or ignore is that gunloons find those who aren't white males useful in that they can point to them and claim they aren't racist and sexist. Kind of the "some of my best friends are.."

    But if a female or non-white doesn't toe the line--then you'll see the racism and misogyny.