Monday, November 22, 2010

Double Murder - Suicide in Westmont IL

The pro-gun voices who used to put so much stock in Clayton Cramer's now defunct blog of DGUs, often describe these stories as anecdotal and not worth all that much in the argument.  Consider this.  Clayton had a small army of followers scouring thousands of regional media outlets for his material. We're just scanning Google and Yahoo. Yet, a day doesn't go by in which we don't see one or more of these domestic murder - suicide stories.

Conclusion: too many guns in the wrong hands.

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  1. There you go with drawing conclusions from anecdotes again, Mike. I'm sure that a liberally biased media wouldn't have anything to do with how hard it is to find articles of criminal gun violence compared to legitimate DGUs.

  2. Oh, good one. You got me there, Guy.

  3. Colin, Even when Clayton was scouring thousands of news outlets accross the country he published less than 1,000 per year. It's not the bias of the media, it's the numbers, man, plain and simple.