Friday, November 26, 2010

More on the Lost Magazine on a Plane

Tam couldn't resist picking up on this story in order to mock and denigrate those who reported it.  In her supercilious arrogance she said people were acting like the magazine was made of "flaming radioactive kryptonite rattlesnakes." Of course that doesn't even have to make grammatical sense for her dedicated followers to get a big old yuckity yuck out of it. FatWhiteMan, for example.

Only Gerry, in comment  number 22, put the focus back where it belongs, on the owner of the magazine. That's the real story here, as I mentioned yesterday. Anybody stupid enough to leave a magazine with bullets on a plane, in these times with all the attention on security and scanners and all the rest of it, cannot be trusted to manage firearms safely. That's the point, not the silliness of the article with its hysterical tone, a point with which I agree.

What's your opinion?  Please leave a comment.


  1. Nonsense.

    The owner of that magazine was The Only One you trust enough to have one.

    I may only be a Simple Civilian, but I've never left a magazine anyplace in twenty-odd years...

    (And what did Mr. Only One have it out on the plane for, anyway?)

  2. So you say, Tam.

    Every gunloon in existence *claims* to be expert with firearms and has never, never, ever done anything silly or untoward with a gun.

  3. Expert?

    No, I'm just some chick. I merely exercise the same care with my firearms and their accoutrement that I do with other important items, like my wallet or my garage door opener (to name two other items which I've never left in a plane or a bathroom...)

    Seeing as how y'all are all about the rude pejoratives here (I've never called you names, like "antigun loon",) I think I'm done here.

    Good evening.

  4. And Tam flounces away, claiming never to have misplaced keys, wallet or common sense.

  5. Tam, I've never questioned that most of you gun owners are responsible people. Why do you get so defensive and nasty when I talk about those who aren't?

    In my mind there's no difference between civilian and law enforcement gun owners. Both are improperly controlled and in too many cases unfit.

  6. I suspect that Tam got "defensive" because she's a professional, who has worked with and around firearms for a number of years, and Jade is a retard. Or maybe she just doesn't like talking to cretins--that'd be enough for me.

  7. TB, I don't think Jadegold is a cretin or a retard. Tam may be a professional, but I don't think that's why she got defensive. She suffers from what many of you have which is a biased close-minded arrogance about gun rights.

    She does have a sense of humor though.

    "(I've never called you names, like "antigun loon",)"