Saturday, November 27, 2010

More on Gun Flow

In a Washington Post op-ed praising their recent investigative articles about where guns come from, Daniel Webster made this interesting observation.

While the stories you present illustrate common paths guns take, the data may be skewed because most guns in these shootings are not recovered. A felon who murders a police officer with a gun from a trafficker is likely to quickly discard the weapon. But when a police officer is shot when responding to an incident of domestic violence, the gun is typically found. This may explain the surprising finding that most guns that kill police were purchased legally by the perpetrator. Perpetrators of domestic violence are less likely to have convictions that disqualify them from gun ownership. 

That's a fascinating point with which I agree. Those numbers would be skewed. It reminds me of the claim that 90% OF THE GUNS TRACED in Mexico come from the States. If recovery of weapons in domestic violence cases is significantly higher than in street shootings, the numbers would be skewed.

Nevertheless, an important factor is unmentioned. In those cases in which the perpetrator himself was not the legal purchaser of the weapon used, someone else was. If the gun could be traced back, owner to owner, before long we'd arrive at a legal owner of the gun. He's the problem. That's why gun control laws are often aimed at lawful gun owners. They're the ones allowing guns to go to criminals.

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  1. "He's the problem. That's why gun control laws are often aimed at lawful gun owners."
    Are you suggesting that targeting all law abiding citizens for gun control is a good thing?

    "They're the ones allowing guns to go to criminals."
    That's right - they're the ones who...

    So, if I'm reading this correctly, you're of the opinion that making it harder on every single person, even if they're no threat to anyone, is better than simply punishing those who are a threat? That kind of military training strategy only the military.

    Why should I have to jump through all kinds of hoops just to own a gun when I'm not a problem? I haven't done anything wrong, nor will I, ever. Where's the due process?

    I highly suggest that you read some of these articles. While you're at it, I'd suggest some of these as well.

  2. Listen Anonymous, I didn't say we need to use gun control laws INSTEAD of "simply punishing those who are a threat."

    It's not an either or. We support stricter sentencing for violent offenders and all the other initiatives that we're already doing regarding, education, unemployment, addictions, crime and all the rest. Plus we need proper gun laws, which unfortunately will affect the law abiding. But we're not talking about onerous changes. We're talking about minor invonveniences which will allow you to carry on as before.