Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gun Flow - NC to NY

The New York Daily News reports:

A Bloods gang member served as a personal shopper for gun buyers, taking text-message orders from Brooklyn and Manhattan and driving to North Carolina to fill them, prosecutors said.

Kyle Leonard, 25, sold the firepower - including an assault rifle - out of the trunk of his car, Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes said Tuesday.

Leonard was nailed by NYPD undercover cops who managed an introduction, texted orders to his cell phone and bought $17,500 worth of arms from him in a year.

"This is somebody who contributed to the carnage on our streets," Hynes said in announcing the indictment.
It must be a lot easier to get guns in North Carolina than in New York, dont't you think?
"Something ought to be done to tighten up the way guns are sold, particularly in the South," said the DA, who noted 111 people, including 34 teens, were shot to death in the borough this year.
Yes, we agree, Mr. DA.

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  1. If a 111 people were shot in the borough where they have very strict gun control, then blood must be flowing in the streets where it is "easy" to buy a gun.

    Sounds like they have a criminal problem, not a gun problem. Maybe the DA should work on that instead of bitching about other states.

  2. NY should loosen it's draconian gun laws to be more in line with the rest of the US, that way their state agencies could focus domestically instead of having to send agents to other states.

    We should really make life easier on criminals in New York, that way they don't have to engage in crimes in two states to get their guns, just one state.

    Imagine, a straw man purchase is already illegal. What would you do to make it even more illegaler? By eliminating the need for straw man purchases we could cut the crime rate in half!

  3. AM, Thanks for making the "illegaler" crack again. We used to hear that one all the time from FWM.

    About the straw purchases I have a better solution than you do.