Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gunloons Help Reduce Police Population

WaPo, once more, accidentally commits journalism:

Legal purchase was the leading source of weapons used to kill police officers. In 107 slayings, the killers acquired their firearms legally. In 170 deaths, The Post could not determine how the shooters got their guns, including 29 killings in which weapons were not recovered.
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  1. Of course you most sagely left out where more than half of those killings were committed by persons that were prohibited from possessing firearms or how many were released by the incompetent courts and superlawyers to murder again.

    More than 200 of the shooters were felons who were prohibited by federal law from possessing firearms. Many had spent time in prison for illegal handgun possession. At least 45 were on probation or parole when they killed an officer. At least four were previously convicted of murder or manslaughter, including a Texas man who had done time for two separate slayings and was on parole at the time he killed his third victim: a 40-year-old sheriff's deputy with a wife and three children.

  2. FWM is confusing the issue with two separate ideas. The post is about gun availability and where those guns come from. FWM sagely points out something completely different, that the shooters are usually criminals.

    Both problems need to be dealt with.

  3. No Mike, they are very related. Gun control laws do not work on criminals because they are, well, criminals. They are not afraid to steal and violate laws.

  4. They are related problems, related by the gun.

    No one thinks criminals are going to obey laws. You keep saying that as if we silly gun control folks think that in our naivete. The fact is we understand that our gun control ideas would inconvenience legitimate gun owners, but that's the only way to lessen the gun flow into the criminal world.