Thursday, November 25, 2010

Firearms Manufacturing Sector

It's still good news, down this year but still above the level of pre-Obama America.

KeyBanc Capital Markets analyst Scott Hamann said he sees growth for firearms makers, even though demand has fallen in some segments year over year. He said a KeyBanc survey of gun dealers, from big box retailers to wholesalers and more boutique operations, found that hunters are buying fewer rifles.

But more customers are purchasing the kind of smaller sidearms that can be easily concealed and carried for self-protection, Hamann said. While gun sales have fallen this year, they remain above levels before the election of President Obama, Hamann said.
You see, what more than makes up for the decline in hunting is the criminal black market. Gun manufacturers along with the NRA have been intimately involved in preventing the sensible gun laws which would minimize the flow of guns into the criminal world. They know know better than anyone how this works, it's built directly into their production and sales strategy.

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  1. jeezus mike, you know that just because pistol sales are up (along with the record number of new concealed carry license holders) you think that all those guns are going to criminals (even though the crime rate does not reflect a correlating rate change)?

    I am shocked, SHOCKED, that you would jump to such a conclusion.

  2. AM, Don't you find what I actually say objectionable enough? Why do you have to exaggerate it?

    "you think that all those guns are going to criminals"

    Did I say "all?"