Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Child Abuse in England

The minimum age at which people can apply for a gun licence should be lowered from 14 to 10, Britain's most senior firearms officer has suggested.

Assistant Chief Constable Adrian Whiting, the firearms spokesman for the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo), said that the age at which children can legally apply for a firearms certificate should be brought down to the same age at which they can apply for a shotgun licence – currently 10.
I'd like to know what kind of shotgun a 10-year-old can fire? It couldn't possibly be the normal weapon that adults use. The recoil is too much.

Bur, even if it were recoilless, it would still be child abuse in my opinion.

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  1. It's fairly obvious you've never actually fired any type of shotgun. A 12 gauge semi-auto loaded with bird shot has about as much recoil as a .22 rifle, a 16 or 20 gauge has even less. As long as the youngster can hold the shotgun they would be perfectly capable of firing it. As far as the lower age, makes perfect sense. The younger you start training your children about firearms safety and responsibility, the less likely they will be to commit a weapons related crime later in life.

  2. Teaching a kid to shoot a gun is child abuse? Such a moronic comment can only come from someone who's never seen the effects of real child abuse. Or perhaps you are just making outrageous statements to troll for more comments. It has been a comment ghost town around here lately. In that case, I'll take Breda's advice.

  3. MikeB: “I'd like to know what kind of shotgun a 10-year-old can fire?”

    A .410 shotgun.

  4. da_truth36, Actually I have fired several different types of shotguns, obviously not one of those kid-friendly ones you're talking about.

    RuffRidr, my calling this "child abuse" is simple hyperbole for the sake of emphasis. My belief is guns are bad news, passing that on to kids is bad.

  5. Thanks for that link to Breda's post which I hadn't seen. I guess she's right if all those commenters over there agreed with her. Or, she could be full of shit like usual, except glib enough to seduce all you cowboys.

    Anyway, calling me a troll and repeating it over and over again doesn't make it so, any more than calling me other things which I stopped allowing made that true.

    Some of her commenters, tripping over themselves to agree with her, have always said that my goal is to deprive them of their rights. Now they all agree my goal is more mundane than that, to get attention.

    One thing you gun guys are great at is blowing smoke up each others asses and convincingly saying how much you believe it ain't smoke.