Monday, November 22, 2010

Why Gunloons Need Guns in National Parks shoot at Park Rangers, of course:
The wounded ranger, 34-year-old Brody Young, is in critical but stable condition at a hospital in Grand Junction, Utah State Parks and Recreation spokeswoman Deena Loyola said in a press release issued late Sunday afternoon.

"Doctors, family members, friends and colleagues are cautiously optimistic," she said of Young, an enforcement officer with the Utah State Parks system for more than four years.


  1. Couldn't you find a story of a park ranger being shot with a concealed handgun so you had to use this one and change "rifle" to "gun"? Of course the anti-gun loons tend to forget that the controversial law that took effect in February only addresses concealed handguns. Guess since they can't find a case of a CCW holder shooting a park ranger, this will have to suffice for them.

  2. Nor is Moab a National park.

  3. FWM, The CCW guys aren't going to National Parks because they're too busy shooting their wives, or the neighbors or other motorists in road rage incidents.