Monday, November 22, 2010

Thieves Rob Gun Store

All right, I say enough is enough, enough of the shoulder shrugging and the complacent accepting of this kind of nonsense.  The thieves, no geniuses really just movie goers, committed the bold crime of breaking through the wall of the gun store with a sledge hammer. Once inside, that had easy pickin's.

Jewelry stores and banks do not leave their product out in the open like that. What if gun dealers were required to do the same, to move their product to a vault at night?  What if gun stores which have too much inventory to fit into even a large walk in safe, must ensure their walls are not easily breachable. Don't the owners of the gun store watch the same action movies as those thieves?  Don't the owners know they're vulnerable? Shouldn't they?  Isn't that their responsibility?

It's no wonder there are too many guns in the wrong hands when gun shops allow them to flow out the front door during the day to straw purchasers and out the hole in the wall at night to the thieves.

What's your opinion?  Is it wrong to hold gun shop owners to a higher standard? Would that "infringe" upon their rights?

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  1. Why don't we just outlaw theft and burglary?

    Oh wait.

  2. FatWhiteMan, that doesn't make sense. Then what would all of the early released career criminals do?

  3. You act as if banks and jewlry stores don't get robbed.

  4. Mikeb30200:

    No, you don't get it man. If the gun store owners were all armed up and stuff, people wouldn't rob their stores. Oh, sorry, my bad.

    But, hey, nobody would rob their stores if they just like, you know, lived in 'em. Of course if they were to act as if they were afraid people would steal their guns that would make the whole "home defense argument" not so much of an ironclad FACT!!

  5. Banks and jewelry stores are a lot harder to rob than gun stores, that's the problem.

  6. MikeB: "Banks and jewelry stores are a lot harder to rob than gun stores, that's the problem."

    Do you think they get robbed less often?

  7. I don't know if banks and jewelry stores are robbed less than gun stores. There are too many differing factors to make a fair comparison anyway.