Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Death of Gun Control

Since Roy Kubicek of Days of Our Trailers spends a great deal of time here (using a super-duper proxy), I thought I'd check out what he's bloviating about these days.  It's certainly not about his job prospects.

He has this really neat graph that he interprets as "proving" gun control is dead or, at least, on life support.

Roy's problem is that the gunloon population supports the darker green line that is in the single digit terroritory.  Those are the folks who want assault weapons legalized and little or no restrictions on firearms.

So, while Roy Kubicek claims gun control is dying--his own graph shows gunloonery is pretty much flatlining.


  1. It's pretty obvious Jadegold failed Statistics.

    The chart does an excellent job of illustrating the death of gun control as the total percentage of people who want the laws kept as is or made less strict outnumbers those who want them to be more strict.

    Also, the trend line shows that the percentage of those who want the laws to be more strict is on the decline while the trend lines for the laws kept as is or less strict is on the increase.

  2. Forget what he said, she said, gunloons are up, gunloons are down, whatever. You can put an end to this debate anytime you wish. Just go try and get some gun control crap passed and see how far you get.

    There's your answer.

  3. What a crappy chart. Doesn't he read Linoge?

  4. Yeah, recent "victories" for the Brady Bunch include finally getting an ATF chief, Heller/McDonald failing to rule ALL gun laws as unconstitutional and bashing young adults who quote Ghost Busters on Facebook. Make no mistake, those are the hallmarks of a powerful, common sense organization that represents the interests of a growing segment of the US population.