Thursday, February 10, 2011

Anderson Cooper's Ridiculist

via Afrocity

Tina Fey uses humor to make very important points, not unlike Jon Stewart. These folks are more than just comedians.

The point in these jokes: Conservative women are bad news for women.

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  1. Apparently FOX's Juan Williams, John Boehner and Sarah Palin all have PBS running scared. Could not believe my eyes when the NPR chief took the fall over the Williams fiasco. That clown just gloating and lapping up the dollars at FOX where they truly believe public broadcasting is unfair competition.

    What I see as unfair is not being able to watch the Super Bowl without paying for FOX sports cable.

  2. PBS doesn't get that much money from Congress anymore anyway - time to flip the righties the bird, and let them do their worst.

    I simply didn't watch the super bowl; not worth it to me to pay any fox network even one thin dime.

  3. And yet Fox News is more popular than both CNN and MSNBC combined.

  4. Anon uses the logical fallacy argumentum ad populum in regard to Fox.

    Murdoch knows that the only boobs he will have to deal with in his US audience is the audience itself.

  5. Anonymous, Fox News isn't news, it's nonsense and propoganda. REAL News is different; you can recognize it because it is factual, honest, balanced, and most of all - accurate. Fox news isn't.

    You can recognize it because the organization has standards, and disciplines those who violate those standards. Fox Not-news doesn't do that either.

    And REAL news corrects errors, and promotes updates as information becomes available. Fakes News is big on promoting stories (many of which should be obviously wrong on the face of them) but never, ever ever announces when they turn out to be bogus.

    Want a few examples? These are all stories I researched and wrote about; the information was available early on, if they cared to look at it.

    False Fox news hoaxes - 1. a Cincinnati OH Sr. high school arranged for 3 busloads of students to go vote, bribinb them with ice ccream to vote Democratic, on Democratic candidate only ballots. (not even close - 3, not 3 busloads, of seniors went to vote during school hours as part of a civics class, no bribery). No update. 2. There was disabled voter fraud in Crow Wing County, MN. Investigation found NO voter fraud - no story from Fakes News. 3. There was an alleged snowplowing slowdown ordered by unions in New York City that caused the entire metro to come to a standstill, and 3 people died. No. No slowdown, no union orders, and the 3 people who died did not die because of the snow plowing either. But not word 1from Fox news or any Murdoch media.

    People may watch Fox news - still far fewer than broadcast news by many multiples. CNN has gone down hill terribly in quality, so no surprise there. MSNBC is far younger than Fox news and is steadily growing.

    Anyone who looks to Fox news and thinks they're being informed should be ashamed of themselves for their low low standards - or total lack of standards.

    NPR may not always manage the no slant no rant, but they are far ahead of fakes news in providing quality.

  6. Laci, define "boobs."

    "Murdoch knows that the only boobs he will have to deal with in his US audience is the audience itself."

  7. How about Tina Fey's message though? Don't you like it?