Sunday, February 6, 2011

Frat House Shooting

One dead, Eleven Wounded:
A shooting at a frat party near Youngstown State University early Sunday left one student dead and 11 others injured, including six students, police said.


  1. Impossible. Guns are banned on campus. Gun free zones are safe.

  2. Impossible. Guns are banned on campus. Gun free zones are safe.

    I'm sorry, but the intent of your post is absolutely impossible to decipher. Are we to interpret it that the Frat House Shooting did not take place because guns are banned on campus?
    Or was it another failed attempt at irony? If it was, we can recommend remedial irony therapy or perhaps an orthopedic sarcasm supporter? We're here for you FatWhiteGuy....sorta...depending...maybe...

  3. from the news coverage:
    "The shooting occurred at a two-story brick house in a neighborhood of once-elegant homes, many of which are now boarded up. The house party had been bustling with 50 or more people early Sunday, Hughes said."

    Gosh, that sure doesn't sound like any college campus where I've ever attended college. Silly FWM doesn't seem to understand that there are frat houses off-campus in many places.

    Perhaps that tells us something about FWM's limited educational experience with college / university frat houses as much as his poor sense of humor in making a poor joke about the shooting of a group of people?

  4. No, the problem was obviously that more good guys weren't armed. Only by arming more and more people can we hope to always have the balance with the good guys.