Friday, February 11, 2011

Common Sense in Deleware

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  1. Delaware came in 2nd, right after Alaska, in providing zero names of the dangerously mentally ill to the NCIS data base. Yet people like MikeW who comments here (of another gun blog) thought that the NCIS data base was all the protection he needed, and that Delaware could and should get rid of their own state gun check.

    I was happy to be able to bring that information to his attention. He now supports Delaware becoming current and remaining current as the sole gun check for Delaware. Some states - my own,MN is an example- have better quality checks than the NCIS, and those should be retained,not repealed.

    An estimated 80% of NRA members favor sensible regulation of firearms. It is only the gun fetishists who run around in cirlces like Chicken Little claiming the sky is falling or their rights/ freedoms are being stolen/ or "they're commin' fer our guns!!!!!!!!!!" hysteria that don't agree that we should and can do more to keep criminals and crazies from getting their hands on firearms.