Monday, February 7, 2011

Ann Barnhardt - Mentally Ill Gun Owner

On her truly mind-boggling weblog, Ann wrote this:

I think that Jesus is fixing to ask many of us to go places that we don’t want to go and do things that we don’t want to do, including fight and die in Holy War. If your conception of a “loving God” is one who never asks anything of you, but only gives you what you want, then you need to grow the hell up. And when you have done that, feel free to come find the rest of us and join us on the line. You will be most welcome.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention where I found the incredible Ann. On The Smallest Minority, old Kevin posted this picture under the post title, Ayup, with a simple follow up, "without further commentary."
What's your opinion? Are these the kind of gun owners that inspire you with confidence in their rationality? Are these people you would trust to make life and death decisions with guns.

Not me. Please leave a comment.


  1. Where is the evidence of mental illness? I think her religious and political views are kinda wacky but I don't see any evidence that she is mentally ill.

  2. Anon: Mentally ill people often claim to have an understanding of God that others don't. In this example, we see Ann telling us God not only wants us to go to war against scary brown people, but that he/she demands we do so.

    I'd also note birtherism is a form of mental illness as it suggests there's a massive conspiracy involving literally hundreds of thousands of people who are conspiring to keep Obama's true nationality a secret.

  3. JadeGold: One can easily make a case that folks who don't see fanatical Islam as a problem as being "mentally ill", and those who believe that Obama's nationality is proven in the absence of evidence proving it as being "mentally ill".

    However, believing either side of these issues doesn't render one mentally ill - there is no diagnosis that is applicable, no medication, no therapy, etc. It seems to me that calling ones political opponents "mentally ill" to be a cheap shot that detracts from the facts of the matter.

  4. I read her often. I think she is great.
    Must be a slow day for you.
    Nothing original?
    Ugh.. lefties.. so negative and hateful.

  5. Anon: There's an obsession with fanatical Islam and then there's someone claiming God demands we go to war.

    There's quite a bit of difference.

    Re birtherism, as I sagely noted, belief in wild conspiracies is indeed a hallmark of mental illness.

  6. Leftist resort to name calling because it’s all they have left. Americans have soundly rejected the anti-gun, anti-Christian, anti-Family, anti-Liberty, anti-American, anti-Life, Pro-Statism, that is the progressive movement. So go ahead and attack and demonize a strong American Women. No one is in your weak, pitiful, little echo chamber anyway. I will commend you on doing the right thing and fleeing the US for Europe. It sounds like you’re right were you belong and I only wish more leftist had the courage to do the same. I’d even agree to using tax dollars to get them on their way. I also hope you have a safe place to hide while the Muslims are raping your women and children. David, from Milwaukee

  7. Mike,
    You must really be a "nice" person! (if you did your homework, you would know what that statement means)...

    If you are an expat living in Italy, for 20 years now, why do you care so much about what is happening in the country you chose to leave? Or were you the "victim" of an evil plot perpetrated by mysterious entities, forced out against you will for having your own opinion. Or maybe, you figured you had better leave because your opinions actually demonstrate the same pseudo-psycho tendencies that you accuse others of?

    Ann is the type of "mentally ill" woman I wish we had more of. Principled, educated, and rational. Responding to the decline of a once great nation using logic, reason, and knowledge.

    Dare I say, Ann restores my faith that there may yet still be women in America worth marrying!

  8. WTF is "Statism"

    Wouldn't something that says "being necessary to the security of a free" be exposing the statist concept?

    If she were a "strong American Woman" she would enlist in the military and go to Afghanistan or Iraq.

    Anyway, what does she think she's going to do with a suicide bomber, or IED--shoot?

  9. Actually, many of us gun owners think gun control advocates are mentally ill, too. At least there's some actual clinical credibility to THAT claim:

    Whereas the gun control advocates suggestion that we that own and carry guns are fearful, paranoid, or otherwise "loony" for our beliefs have WHAT for evidence?


  10. "Dare I say, Ann restores my faith that there may yet still be women in America worth marrying!"

    Dare I say, gunloons have always had a significant issue

  11. That should have read "being necessary to the security of a free state"

    Does JFPO still exist now that Aaron Zelman is dead? What will we do for laughs now that he is gone to hang out with the fundamentalist Christians?

  12. Zelman's dead?

    What a pleasant surprise.

  13. You Ann Barnhardt supporters are as funny as she is. The first commenter mentioned "kinda wacky," which to me is just a few degrees short of "total whack-job," which in turn is synonymous with "mentally ill."

    I sure would love to have some of you guys commenting over here regularly. The laughs would be priceless.

  14. "Kinda Wacky" =/= "Mentally ill"

    A nice attempt to try and pull that together though. No actual evidence of mental illness, but using someone else's statement of opinion to form an actual psychological diagnosis?

    Yeah, priceless :)


  15. You may speculate on our "mental health," but we do not have to guess at your cowardliness. Other than name calling, you, like most leftist, could not argue your way out of a wet paper bag. You can also claim that our post are making you "laugh," but we know that they are making you cringe and tremble with fear. BOO! Now go change your underwear.Dave in Milwaukee

  16. I don’t find it surprising that these world government types are frightened by Patriot Ann. She is a woman of action and very outspoken in her message, tends to favor the frontal assault. This crowd’s idea of problem solving is to call the service man to fix that pesky low tire on the collective bus. It’s purely a case of oil and water--move along.

    Mark Irwin

  17. "I sure would love to have some of you guys commenting over here regularly. The laughs would be priceless."

    I was the first commenter on this post. I find her blog from yours - thanks!

    "The first commenter mentioned "kinda wacky," which to me is just a few degrees short of "total whack-job," which in turn is synonymous with "mentally ill""

    There are many degrees between "kinda wacky" and "total whack-job". I'd put you closer to the latter and Ann closer to the former based on how likely it is that violence will occur based on your actions.

  18. Yep, Zelman is history. Snuffed it on 21 December 2010.

    Happy solstice!

    ANd so much for JFPO

  19. I know I started it, but if I'm not mistaken old Dave from Milwaukee does pretty well with the name calling.

    Dave, on what do you base your calling me a coward? Is it the fact that I'm not suffering from the paranoia and insecurity that leads men to want to own guns? Is it because I think anyone who believes Jesus is coming to declare Holy War is a whack job? What exactly is it? I know, it's because I really don't think Muslims are going to be raping our women and children, at least not anytime soon.

  20. 22:40 Permission to fight is given to those against whom war is made, because they have been wronged - and Allah indeed has power to help them -

    9:111 Surely, Allah has purchased of the believers their persons and their property in return for the Garden they shall have; they fight in the cause of Allah, and they slay and are slain

    Funny, maybe God does want people to go to war.

  21. A little late to the party here....stumbled upon your article by mistake. First, I just don't like when a title is not validated in the article. Second, I get the pink gun poster. Fight Jihad with words? Jihad is violent and demands people to prepare to defend themselves. Although a pink gun is as effective as a peashooter against suicide bombers, but I guess people have to start somewhere. No, I don't own a gun or belong to the NRA. Third, I went to Barnhart's site and read back through her archives. No one mentally ill can stay so logical and have such a consistently ordered thought process for such an extended time frame and be mentally ill -- even with meds!

    Fourth, you owe her an apology. Even if you don't think you should, I would. It looks like the lady has lots of money and there is a libel/slander case here. It is suck up time for Mikey.

    Oh, and thanks for leading me to Ms. Barnhardt's site, which in turn has led me to a whole bunch of sites with a wide-range of thoughts on them.

  22. Your welcome Anonymous. Maybe you should become another fanboy of Ann's, you seem to be half way there already.

    Nothing mentally ill about posting the Our Father three times a day along side a picture of a rifle with delusional suggestion that Jesus was coming to lead a Holy War against the evil Muslims.

    That's preaching violence and extolling the beauty of genocide.

    Nothing mentally ill about any of that, is that your point?

  23. My 2 cents worth: EVERYTHING I needed to learn or know about islam, I learned on one September morning in 2001.
    All islams are moderate until they blow you up with an IED.

  24. Thanks for that 2 cents' worth. You're as impressive as Ann Barnhardt herself. Real American values you espouse.

  25. Yeah, Ann's batshit nuts and, as you've seen, so are her, uh, "fanboys." She thinks she's the front line of the war, which I guess is less egotistical than accurate when you consider the war exists primarily in her head.

    She's also convinced that the latest birth certificate is also fake and "Why doesn't everyone else see this? Why is EVERYONE else so crazy? Or.. or... or maybe they're in on it, too. Yeah, yeah that's it! They're all against me. Why can't they SEE it?"

    Check out some of her youtube video, you can see in her Bachmann-esque eyes that not all the wiring's working upstairs. I just hope she and her idiot followers stay in their fantasy land ghetto and don't try to bring it into reality and actually hurt someone.

  26. Mag, Thanks for coming by. I agree with the way you said it. I love, "less egotistical than accurate." That's Ann.

  27. This woman is doing what our men should be doing!!! We, the people of the United States of America should stand up with Ann, and take our country back, place the Bible back in the hands of our families, and live according to His word. Men!!! Stand up, and fight!! You are ultimately responsible before God...You are the Head of your home, your wives, your children and our country according to the Word of God. Ann, we stand in support of you. I want to see our men stand up, and fight the good fight, and women, we must support our men in this evil battle. Jesus is coming and He is coming with Fire in his Eyes, and a sword in His hand. Are you ready for His return? God Bless those who bless others...Ann, may God Bless you, as you have blessed me and my family.

  28. Mag, do some research on the "birth certificate". IT IS FAKE, it is FRAUDULANT. There are ghost layers in it. There is no State seal. There are no creases. The type is not that of a typewriter, as in the 60's that is all we had for document writing. It is all FRAUDULANT. A Forensic specialist and many other investigators have verified the information. Before I did my research, I knew it was fake. You can see the ghost layers. You can see there is no State seal. You can clearly see the fraudulant writing all through the Birth Certificate. If you don't research, before spewing, who is the "nice" one here. Before casting stones, research the truth, don't take man for his word. God says "make all man a liar". STUDY, show yourself approved, before casting that one stone.

  29. OH, and one more thing...I do not agree with the 'fighting with guns or fists' Fighting is not of flesh and bones/blood. Fight the good fight; with God's word, break down the powers of Satan, with the power of God's word. For God so loved the WORLD, He sent his only begotton son Son to the us, that whomever believes shall be saved....So, that stands for the Muslims too. God can convert Muslims, through the Power of His Holy Spirit...So, to fight a physical fight is not the answer....Fight the spirit of EVIL, that is what will break the barriers. Guns and fists are not the ANSWER...When I posted above, in support of Anne, I was not supporting the Gun power, I am supporting the Spiritual Power.

    God Bless all of you

  30. Anonymous, Maybe you're the one who has to reread Ann Barnhardt. I don't hear the message "to fight a physical fight is not the answer," on her blog.

  31. Mike, You are correct, and I just wanted to clarify my position. I do not believe in correcting a violent problem with violence. But, I guess some do. God has more power than a bullet. Just saying for clarification on my part. Thanks for clearing that up for me. God Bless You for giving us the ability to speak our opinions.

  32. This subject is so debatable, and causes so many arguments among people.

    Arguments can lead to anger and hate. It also leads to hurting people.

    God Bless everyone, including Ann. May God show us the way, truth and life...So we are not deceived in ANYONE/ANYTHING. :)

  33. In the Crazy Fucked up world we live in who’s to really say who is mentally ill ?? Probably most people in some way or other . The bottom line here is SHES RIGHT! God Bless Her . Ok some of her ideas are to much Rhetoric Christian babble specially her thoughts that Homosexuality is a Disorder and not as widely thought and agreed sexual orientation is Genetic and is set before birth , Of course there are those who do choose it as an alternative when imprisoned or have it indoctrinated by pears or those in influence . I do also think when people are being attacked and are consistently at ‘war’ with others then the stress of this can make them a bit paranoid and on guard .

  34. Alex wrote:"In the Crazy Fucked up world we live in who’s to really say who is mentally ill ??"

    Mental health professionals are quite capable of accurately defining who is and is not mentally ill, Alex. It is more than an educated guess.

    As to your observation that "Of course there are those who do choose it as an alternative when imprisoned or have it indoctrinated by pears or those in influence .", that is not accurate either.

    People who may engage in same sex activity in situations such as prison do not change their heterosexual orientation just because they engage in the only sexual activity available to them. I would suggest you read further as to what it is that defines sexuality and sexual orientation. There are a lot of myths about our human sexuality, including an enormous amount of misunderstanding and misinformation about what is and is not homosexuality, and also what is and is not pedophilia.

    The information is readily available in our modern easy information access society. Barnhard CHOOSES to profess a point of view that is not fact or reality based. A case could perhaps be made that in place of facts and reality, she has embraced a form of magical thinking.

    I'm not going to try to diagnose the woman; I simply find her wrong and nasty.

  35. Yeah, "wrong and nasty" would be more accurate than "mentally ill."