Friday, February 11, 2011

Good Thing He Had Lots of Guns

One stop shopping:
Rose said Wise had a vast collection of "shiny and beautiful" guns he purchased "from all over." Wise always bragged about his gun collection - which may have totaled $2 million - and even showed it off to friends and neighbors, Rose said.

Wise often had many visitors - including landscapers and handymen among others - coming by his house, Rose said. She said Wise was probably targeted because "word got around" about his expensive collection.

"He had a lot of people coming in and out," she said.
Of course, if he had been an internet tough guy gunloon......


  1. Not sure what your point is. Is it, "ha ha a gunlon got beat up"? Is it, "guns are useless for self defense when they are locked in a safe"? Or is it, "safes don't prevent gun thefts, but they will get you tortured for the combination"?

  2. This is no different than someone getting beat up for their jewelry, their cars, or anything else of value.

    It does remind me of this cartoon:

    It doesn't matter how good your security system is, if they can beat the combination or location of the key out of you.


  3. No different, Orygunner? To some extent, yes. These are valuables, like any other collection. But the difference is that these valuables are deadly weapons, and many were likely usable on the streets. Now there are $2M-worth of weapons loose to kill with. Maybe he should have had a less-deadly hobby. Stamps, maybe?

    Nearly half of all guns used in crimes were stolen from legal gun owners.

    I wonder, with all those guns, wouldn't this guy have had at least one for self-protection? Gee, maybe he WASN'T safer, after all.

  4. @Baldr, So now that we have millions of dollars of extra guns on the streets, you would claim that violent firearm-related crimes are going to go up in that area, right?

    Let's just see if that happens.

    You haven't provided any evidence that attempting to curb the flow of guns to the streets has any significant or consistent positive effect, so I fail to see how this will either.


  5. The point I take from the post is that guns are often useless as defensive tools. That's pretty much ignored or denied by the gun crowd.

  6. @Mikeb, wrote: "The point I take from the post is that guns are often useless as defensive tools."

    In some situations, such as this one - you're right, they aren't useful.

    In many situations, they most certainly are.

    The question is then, how much are they useful vs. how much are they not, isn't it?