Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hysterical Inanity of the Day

Chas, who comments over at Sebastian's blog, had this to say. I've indicated the truly hysterical part in underlining.

Step by step, we will march American gun owners down the road to elimination of any privacy in private gun sales, total registration, occasional confiscation and eventual elimination of private gun ownership. Then our government will be the only one with guns. Ha! Ha! All your guns will belong to us! Then we’ll do as we please with you, and your country too. Ha! Ha!”
This was in response to my suggesting that background checks on all gun transfers is reasonable.

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1 comment:

  1. Firearms are weapons, not kittens, and should be regarded as weapons, including regulation of them.

    It is perfectly reasonable to require records of them. We require records of the transfer of all kinds of items - like vehicles, for example.

    There is such a failed logic in the leap that this equates to eradication of gun ownership that it beggers description.

    I'm betting Chas has some certain deficiences that require compensation in certain kinds of sports cars and firearms, while having an overly enlarged amygdala.

    Given the flaws in how Chas reasons, anyone want to make a side bet that if Chas happened to read this, he'd have to look up what an amygdala is?