Friday, February 11, 2011

Republican Iowans Say Obama is a Muslim

What do you think these good folks think about gun control?

via Outta the Cornfield.

These people here are not stupid. They are mind screwed and the media did it.


  1. If you deeply distrust someone, then why would you believe what he says?

    I think too much attention is called to the whole BO Muslim or Birth Certificate crap, and it takes out eyes off the real issue: Barack Obama is a Statist, with far less respect to the rights of the people than a president should have.


  2. What disturbs me is how successful they are in getting educated people to believe lies after lie and I understand the dynamics. And add that this is over my airwaves they're doing this shit.

    Thank you for the link Mike and I have returned the favor as I like what I see here. OF

  3. @One Fly,

    The Muslim crap, the birther crap, it's all just smoke and mirrors to take our eyes off of what he's actually DOING to the country (in the limited capacity he operates in).

    It's taking attention away from the real problems of government. Hmm, much like gun control attempts to take our focus off of the real causes of violent crime.

    If I cared about conspiracy theories, I could sure come up with some good ones about the sources of conspiracy theories...


  4. Orygunner, Part of my point is it's the conservative Republicans who propagate these bizarre theories. Like One Fly said, the fact that intelligent people believe this crap is amazing.