Thursday, February 10, 2011

Impeach Clarence Thomas

via Cannonfire
Here's an excellent idea: Impeach Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who, for the past 20 years, has lied on financial disclosure forms about his family income.
Isn't he one of those Justices who keeps voting the wrong way in gun cases?

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  1. Clarence Thomas is the best justice on the Supreme Court. He is the only one who, consistently and without prejudice, rules according to the Constitution and the intent of those who wrote it. Read some of the opinions he's written and you'll see the same. The opinion he wrote in McDonald v. Chicago is particularly telling.

    Every other justice puts their own liberal/conservative spin on things to suit their own preferences, and are (to varying degrees) an embarassment because of it.

    You should be ashamed of yourself for suggesting that he be removed from the bench.

  2. John: It's not that Uncle Thomas is a cheap political hack--that's well-established. So is Roberts, Alito and Fat Tony Scalia.

    The issue you ignore is that a justice, sitting on the highest court in the land, blew off disclosing and paying taxes on his wife's income for over 6 years.

    And let's face it, Uncle Thomas's wife wasn't selling Mary Kay or Avon--she was paid well north of $100,000 a year.

    Now, I realize that most gunloons probably make far less than $100K a year but, trust me, you 'forget' to disclose and pay taxes on $100K a year for 6 years--you're going to jail.

  3. John, Justice Thomas should be impeached. It's not like he didn't ever get it correct on those disclosure forms; it's that he stopped disclosing when the money started going up, when there was something substantial to gain. That makes his claims about not knowning how to do those disclosure forms a crock of ......lets just say manure, for politeness sake.

    As to his ruling? Are you familiar with that phrase 'judicial activist'?

    Check this out:

    It's a little something I linked in a post I wrote this morning, here: on

    Thomas couldn't rule without prejudice if his life depended on it. And he's no legal scholar either.

    And I believe Anita Hill - not that she was the only one to make those kind of claims....

  4. JadeGold, you neglect Kennedy in your list of hacks.

    Anyway, I'm sure that Thurgood Marshall is rolling in his grave that Thomas was his successor.

    Not that people weren't kissing Marshall's arse during his life (e.g., University of Maryland naming their Law Library after him).

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  5. Yeah, I should be ashamed of furthering the awful suggestion that a womanizing tax cheat like Justice Thomas be impeached.

    Actually I think his votes in Heller and McDonald were bigger crimes than his other misdoings.

  6. Isn't he one of those Justices who keeps voting the wrong way in gun cases?

    Well, someone who thinks he's the "wrong" color might think so.

  7. I don't care what color Thomas is, and I don't care what gender he is either. Those are both right wing prejudices.

    On the other hand, there appears to be more than one petition circulating to impeach him: