Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ann Barnhardt's Friends

On the Weird and Pissed Off site, Wraith posted about how much he enjoys Ann Barnhardt, and especially her retort to me, a "bitch-slapping" is what he called it.  He concluded with this prize-winning closer.

So, for the most part, Ann is saner than most people in America today.  As for my own sanity, I traded that for a bottle of single-malt Scotch some time back.  ;)

My comment was this:

I'll bet that bottle of scotch went really well with your guns, too.  That sounds pretty sane.

Ann's glib tough-talk on the internet is no more a sign of balls or mental soundness than it is when you do it.  The fact that you're so impressed with her says more about you than it does about her. 

I pointed out on my blog that when Ann said I didn't support the claim at all, she was wrong.  I provided an amazing quote in which she basically said Jesus would be coming back to call all you patriots to Holy War.

To me that's pretty insane.  How about you, Wraith, are you in touch with the Lord on these things too?  Has the Lord told you it's OK to hate all Muslims? How about blacks and gays and liberals?  You hate any of them too?
What's your opinion? Are these normal people?


  1. "To me that's pretty insane."

    One person's personal opinions that are a reaction to other people's personal opinions are about the worst possible standard of sanity available today.

  2. Is there some anti-delusional pill or treatment that these Christocrats can take?

  3. Anonymous, Are you saying that "Jesus is coming back to declare Holy War," is just an opinion, one which should be respected like any other?

  4. How about you, Wraith, are you in touch with the Lord on these things too? Has the Lord told you it's OK to hate all Muslims? How about blacks and gays and liberals? You hate any of them too?

    Well, I'm a very recent Christian, having spent the first 41 years of my life as an atheist. So, if I am 'in touch with the Lord,' it's still in the baby-step stage.

    As it happens, I don't hate anyone. I do, in fact, denounce any 'culture' that incorporates and encourages gang rape, cutting off the clitori of infant girls, and murdering people for being raped, being gay or daring to question the dominant religious paradigm. The question is, why do so many liberals defend these things?

    As for your other snide remarks, I've sucked enough dick to realize that hating gays would mean hating half of my bisexual self. And of course I hate Black folks...that's why two of my three hopes for the Presidency in 2012 are LtC Allen West and Herman Cain.

    Next time you want to talk about me, you might want to get my attention so we can have one of those civil discussion type things. As I'm well aware of liberal habits(deleting or altering comments their tiny little minds can't argue with), I'll be posting this unedited on my blog. Just FYI.

  5. Wraith, Sorry it took me so long to get back to this one. I'll check out your blog where I'm sure by now I'll find your apology for having accused me wrongly of altering and deleting comments. This one of yours was posted the day you sent it.