Friday, February 17, 2012

U.S. Immigration Officers Shoot it Out - 2 Dead

A U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent is dead after gunfire at the agency's offices in a California federal building.

In the incident at the Glenn M. Anderson Federal Building in Long Beach, Calif., an ICE agent allegedly opened fire on two colleagues, leaving one wounded with multiple gunshots, another unharmed, and the initial shooter dead, ICE told ABC News.

Earlier, multiple published reports citing the Long Beach Police described a second agent dead and the third wounded, but those reports were mistaken, ICE said.

The incident began as an unspecified dispute between a supervisor and a subordinate.
This story is a perfect illustration of the problem which exists among lawful gun owners. Some of them are hidden time-bombs. It would be very difficult to identify them before something happens, but that is exactly what gun control is all about.

Through better screening and qualifying, many of the worst cases can be disarmed before they cause damage.  This applies to cops and civilians alike.

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  1. Better screening? How much better screening is there than what is required to work for a Federal law enforcement agency? Why don't you admit that screening fails from time to time?

    1. Of course it fails from time to time, but it needs to be enhanced for that very reason. Then it'll fail less frequently.

  2. Mike, I agree with you, "Some of them are hidden time-bombs." Some of them are hunters of wildilfe that are self-described,"law-abiding citizens" Of which, from unfortunately my being shot at on occasion for the past 25 + years. I know they really are criminals with " legal" guns. Excellent post by the way :)

  3. You can't judge everyone by one incident. And as far as hunters shooting wild life it is food. Do udo u think cows or chickens commit suicide so the diner's and fast food joints can cook them.
    If you are against the 2nd amendment I hope the criminals rob you!

  4. Don't put me in the group with this guy and as for hunters it is a good source of food, do u think that cows and chickens commit mass suicide for you're consumption no they are killed and they are the same kind of dead no matter how they are killed.
    Those of u who oppose the 2nd amendment rights don't expect me to care when you get robbed ar shot!

    1. Ever been to an abbatoir bigdguitarman?

      The animals aren't hunted.

      Don't expect me to care when you get robbed at gun point or shot either, because it is the prevalence of guns that is a major part of the frequency of that in this country, compared to countries with fewer guns and lower crime. You gun lunatics are part of the gun violence problem.

    2. Dog Gone, you've so far evaded the point: This shooting was done by the very people whom you believe should be allowed to have firearms. This shooter was screened in the manner that you advocate. And yet, all of that failed. This is why I accuse you of wanting to eliminate firearms from private hands altogether. You know that your control proposals won't work.