Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wayne's World - Crazy as Ever

Looking into his crystal ball, he had this the say:
Should President Barack Obama secure a second term as president it will “break the back of the Second Amendment” and excise the right to bear arms from the Constitution, the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre tells Newsmax.TV.

Forgetting about the Patriot Act and the indefinite detention of American citizens and the secret wiretaps, he had this to say:

“I spent 30 years looking around corners spotting threat and not being spun and the fact the NRA has done that is why we still have our freedoms the way we do today. They could have all been lost like England, Canada and Australia.”

and this jingoistic nonsense:

--That gun ownership was at an all-time high “because Americans love their freedom. It’s one of the great benefits of American freedom, that law abiding people in this country can protect themselves. It’s one of the strengths of our country.”

--That “the Second Amendment is a metaphor for freedom. You’re not free if you can’t protect yourself.”
What do you think about Wayne? Is he still crazy after all these years, or what?

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  1. LaPierre is an activist, just as you and your fellow bloggers are. Activists, by definition, exaggerate their positions. Still, he does good work.

  2. Does he exaggerate? There was a time when you could smoke a legal product anywhere. Airplanes, airports, your office, the mall, the stores, hospitals, doctor's office, library, etc. Not today.

    Remember, an amendment was passed at the urging of the anti-saloon league to make distilling, bottling selling or drinking beer illegal. Who says Wayne is exaggerating. It certainly seems within the realm of possibility, especially with the creeps who are running the country. I wouldn't put anything past these assholes.
    orlin sellers

  3. C'mon, Orlin. He's doing more than exaggerating. He's lying and you know why? Because keepinig guys like you on tenterhooks is lining his pockets with a million dollar plus yearly salary.

  4. Mikeb, so he's doing more than exaggerating? HMMMM! What would you call it when every single person who boards an airplane, millions of people, from kids to grandmas are seen as potential terrorists, when every single person attending a game at an NFL stadium is searched before being allowed to enter because they might be a terrorist, when over the last year VIPR has set up over 6,000 random roadblocks and searches because a terrorist might be using the hiway, a bus terminal or train station. When the FBI declares anyone trying to keep their internet use private is 'suspicious activity' and the hands out brochures to businesses from motels to tattoo parlors telling them to report people using cash, because they might be a terrorist.
    No, mikeb, if Obama could figure out a way to get disarm everyone, he would do it in a heartbeat.
    orlin sellers

  5. Mikeb, if you wish to call LaPierre a liar, please identify what statements he makes that he knows to be false. Lie does not equal a statement that you disagree with.