Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Accidental Shooting of Oklahoma 12-Year-Old - No One Charged

I don't know who that woman in the video is or what her expertise might be, but she perfectly represents the nonchalance that gun owners have towards these incidents. It was clearly an accident, she said, as if that makes it OK.

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  1. She's identified by name in the video, and there's a title that connects her with the sheriff's department.

    But on the subject of the incident, I suppose that you want safe storage laws enacted. The family circumstances weren't described, but there were five children playing together without an adult around. It's possible that the owner of the gun wouldn't know or care about such laws, even if they were on the books.

    1. But others would, Greg. That's the point. The millions who are not out and out criminals but do stupid things would for the most part obey laws that would help them be safer.

      Can I make a car comparison without making you laugh, it's like the seat belt law. Some disregard it, but not most. And it saves lives, as distasteful as it is that the government interferes like that.

    2. Seat belt laws for adults are objectionable, but I suppose that we can put up with them. But why do you imagine that anyone would obey the safe storage law, other than people who already are safe with their guns? Unless you want cops peering into windows to verify storage--or, gods forbid, what the Canadians have to put up with--there's no way to check, until something bad happens. Your side thinks that passing a new law will magically solve problems, but that's just unrealistic.

    3. Of the tens-of-millions of gun owners who don't take enough precautions with gun storage, don't you think some of them would if it became law? How about like half of them?

      You know what that would do to gun theft and child shootings?