Monday, March 19, 2012

Indianapolis Shooting - 5 Victims

USA Today reports

You know what the pro-gun argument is whenever we say this kind of incident cries out for stricter gun control? They say, criminals will get guns anyway.

That's probably their number one lie. The simplest consideration would indicate it doesn't make sense, but they persist. You know why? Because acquiescence to the obvious truth would be tantamount to admitting we're right and they're wrong.

Gun availability plays a major part in crime and violence. Something could be done about it. And you know what the irony is? The most vociferous voices against gun control belong to guys who would be little affected. This brings us to their number 2 lie. Gun control laws only affect the law abiding. The truth is, the ones who would be chiefly affected by strict gun control laws are the criminals who depend on a continual gun flow from the legitimate to the criminal.

Honest and responsible people would be little affected.

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  1. "They say, criminals will get guns anyway.

    That's probably their number one lie."

    Then explain Jamaica. They have had a total ban on gun ownership for over 40 years with some of the strictest penalties on the planet for violating it, yet they have a far higher rate of gun violence than the U.S.

    They are an island so you can't say it is the lax state next door.

  2. Explain Jamaica?



    "In 2010 there were 1,430 murders in Jamaica, all unseen from the fenced-in, luxury hotels visited by over 100,000 British holidaymakers."

    is from here (Read more:

    The article also mentions 382 shooting deaths, by police, of citizens. That number is staggering, when compared to the population of 2.7M.

    You are aware that there has been a somewhat sub-rosa, but quite deadly, insurrection going on in Jamaica.

    This link ( to a pro-business, Jamaican website alludes to a fair amount of political violence in the country, going back at least 30-35 years. Grinding poverty and classism has a lot to do with it.

    As to Jamaica's being an island. Smuggling, particularly of drugs is NEVER a problem for those who want to take the chance to make serious money. Much of the crime in Jamaica is drug related. Gunz don't cause people to kill people, they just facilitate the process and make it a lot easier to amp up the death toll. Remove the gunz, make the military and police answerable to the citizenry and work on social inequities and the crime rate will drop.

  3. Democommie, you made my point for me. Smuggling happens, regardless of the law. Anyone who wants a gun will have the opportunity to get one, no matter how strict the supposed control.

  4. Greg, honey. URrong, silly.

    Decriminalizing drugs will eliminate the obscene profits made by teh gunz totin' baddies. No money comin' in from teh drugz--no reason to have an army of thugz wit teh gunz--that, bonehead, is the point. Also, end the corruption in and oppression by the gummint and people will not feel the need to shoot each other over politics.

    You should take a run down to Jamiaca; bring your topcoat, smurf hat and crossdraw rig. I'll watch the news for, "USAian tourist kidnapped and held for ransom by local gang.".

    1. dude..why do you type like a 12 y/o girl? for the love of $deity use your words!!

  5. Jake:

    "dude..why do you type like a 12 y/o girl? for the love of $deity use your words!!"

    Dude, try writing a fucking sentence in English if you're going to be critical of others' style of writing. Knowudimeandude?

    1. Democommie, he was illustrating your illiterate style.

      But regarding your comments to me:

      1. Good luck decriminalizing drugs in this country. People have been trying to get that for years without success. Such a proposal stands about as much chance as gun control.

      2. Why would I ever want to go to Jamaica?

      3. I was talking about what would happen in America if guns were strictly controlled. Smugglers would bring them in for criminals, while law abiding citizens would be disarmed.

      4. Don't call me honey. You aren't my type.

    2. hmm..maybe you didn't understand..let's try this:

      why u typez like a 12 years old girlz? fo teh luvz of godz uze ur wurdz.


  6. Jake:

    Precisely because it annoys assholes like Greg Camp?

    And I note that nobody seems to have any trouble deciphering it.

    When assholez like Greg Camp stop their disingenuos spouting of bullshit about teh gunz, which is pretty much all he does, then I might addrezz him as I would an honest and thoughtful commenter.

    Greg Camp:

    I know that you think I give a fuck how you feel. You're wrong.


    "Democommie, you made my point for me. Smuggling happens, regardless of the law. Anyone who wants a gun will have the opportunity to get one, no matter how strict the supposed control."

    Was your comment in reply to my comment about Jamaica (which comment was a reply to FatWhiteMan's comment about Jamaica). Your comment did not mention any country. A reasonable person would conclude that your reply was about JAMAICA; do you understand how that works. For an English teacher you seem to have a lot of problems with reading comprehension, son.

    1. 1. You aren't my father.

      2. My comment was about any country that has strict gun control and a population that wants guns anyway. That's Jamaica at the moment, but fortunately, it's not the United States. New York, perhaps, but we're working on that.

      3. You don't annoy me. I find you to be pathetic.

    2. "3. You don't annoy me. I find you to be pathetic."

      I'll second this comment. It's actually so pathetic as to be laughable. Here is a 62 year old man sitting at home and typing like an 8 year old in an attempt to purposely annoy others. Are you that desperate for attention? Maybe you could go out and find something productive to do. That is if there is anything that you actually have a talent for. I have not seen that you have any so far. Photography certainly isn't it.