Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wisconsin Woman Robs Gas Station with Toy Gun

A 27-year-old Belgium woman was charged Tuesday in connection with an armed robbery of a Random Lake gas station on March 16, in which she allegedly used a toy gun to hold up a clerk and take $1,550.

What do you think? Are women really getting more involved in these areas formerly dominated by men? That's what the gun-rights folks keep telling us.

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  1. Getting more involved in what, robbery? I don't think there's been a significant shift from male to female actors.

    What I do see as trending, is the use of toy and BB guns to commit violent crimes.

    From the article:
    he clerk told the deputy that a woman came into the store, got a sports drink from the cooler, came to the register, handed her a $10 bill, and then took a black gun with an orange tip from her purse, pointed it at her and demanded money.
    The clerk complied...

    I guess is was easier to give the woman the money instead of saying "no".

  2. With an orange tip? See what happens when people know nothing about guns?

    But Mikeb, why must you conflate good gun owners with robbers and other criminals all the time? Women in increasing numbers are buying guns for self defense and for sport. It's your belief that anyone who owns a gun must be a criminal at heart that leads to to think otherwise.

  3. "Women in increasing numbers are buying guns for self defense and for sport."

    Yes, and therefore women in increasing numbers are making the news with gun misuse. It's simple arithmatic. That's why I conflate the two.

    1. No, no, no. Self defense and sport are legitimate uses. Do you imagine that this woman has a clean record? She isn't part of the numbers that we've referred to. She's a thug. Such types get guns regardless of laws and outside of the background check system.

  4. Think about the families here and give this all a rest. I'm sure the families of the victim and the criminal are all going through a difficult time...unless you know the facts of the individuals, keep your comments to yourself.