Saturday, November 10, 2012

Asheville Man Shoots Girfriend, Attempts Suicide, Gets Arrested

Local news reports


A city man who police say shot his longtime girlfriend had been charged with assaulting her at least twice before and was wanted by police at the time of the attack.

Regina Michelle Robinson, 31, was in critical condition Thursday at Mission Hospital after the attack at the Greyhound bus station on Tunnel Road. Police said Patrick Earl Holliday, 32, chased her onto a bus about 9:15 p.m. Wednesday, shot her and later shot at a taxi cab driver who followed him.

Officers cornered and captured Holliday behind Innsbruck Mall after he pointed a gun at Asheville police Lt. Wally Welch and another officer, police said. After being surrounded by officers, Holliday put the .22-caliber revolver to his head and pulled the trigger several times, but the weapon had jammed, police said. He then pointed the gun at the officers.
This is the kind of restraint and responsible gun handling we need to see more of. Some of our trigger-happy castle-doctrine adherents need to take a lesson from these Asheville cops.

It's just too bad a guy like this was able to get a gun. His longtime girlfriend joins the ranks.

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  1. Domestic abusers should not be allowed to own or carry guns. But they are, all the time, because gun nuts don't want to stop anyone from having a gun, they want more people shooting it out instead of relying on police, and instead of preventing criminals and other violent people (those who haven't been convicted of felonies, but are far from lawful)from getting guns.

    It is stupid, it is insane, it IS a public health issue.

    1. You're correct to say that we don't want bans on ownership for people who have no criminal record. Demand that the police and prosecutors do their jobs and deal with anyone who commits acts of violence against innocents.

      And Dog Gone, here's another opportunity for me to remind you of how you don't do your homework. This happened near where I grew up. Remember how you kept insisting that I am from Arkansas originally? Remember how you deleted my corrections time and again?

    2. Dog Gone "Domestic abusers should not be allowed to own or carry guns."

      What groups of persons (other than State actors) have a legitimate reason to posses lethal arms? Should those who are (possibly) capable of demonstrating a legitimate reason to obtain private weapons be restricted to non-concealable and/or low caliber/low capacity magazines?

      Also, Camp is originally from North Carolina.

    3. E.N., it must be an itch you can't scratch to know that I have a .45 with a thirteen round magazine.

    4. No, I don't give a damn what YOU have, you are an well-intended, yet amusingly plump little "professor" of some obscure topic in a hick State (besides that, you prove to be of rather interesting -and somewhat informed- discussion). I am concerned about the ability of the individual to triumph over the collective.

      Also, what make is that M1911 (or the .45 as it is known in the Hollywood-educated civilian world? Was it something the government sold on the civilian market? Not many reputable manufactures are known to proliferate "high-capacity" magazines (for the partial reason that should the firing mechanism fail, the weapon would fire automatically, at an uncontrollable cyclic rate, leaving the potential for a lawsuit). The weapon is considered inferior to modern designs, and thus no longer utilized for legitimate purposes (the State). It is rather curious that you claim that it would be of any use against a Government equipped with these....................

      Civilian firearms are not a defense against such an appalling weapon, but an organized society has ensured our mutual survival for the past 45 years.

    5. My 1911 is a clone, not government issue, but there are plenty of the G.I. sidearms on the private market. If you find a model made by the Singer Sewing Machine company, let me know. But the gun I was referring to above was a Springfield XD, not a 1911. There are lots of .45s.

      You say the 1911 is inferior, showing how little you know about the subject. Actually, some special forces units still use it, as does the FBI Hostage Recue Team and other law enforcement agencies. It's popular in private hands because it's a solid design that's easy to conceal. It also has a much better trigger than many other guns.

      Against a nuclear weapon, a handgun wouldn't do much, but raising that subject only shows the distortion of your thinking. Fighting a tyrannical government is only one motivation for owning and carrying guns--and a tiny one at that. Of much greater concern is personal security against the much more likely enemy, some criminal who wants to use violence to achieve his illegal ends. And then there's the sense of individual autonomy that you despise.