Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vote for Obama Today - Here's the Main Reason Why

You know what's going to happen today? Millions of conservative Republican women, many of whom won't be able to admit it openly, will vote for Obama. The result, Obama by a landslide.


  1. The problem with carefully laid plots and fantasized projections is that when they are put in motion, they always, inevitably go horribly wrong.
    That has been the case with Conservative NeoCon attempts to manipulate and control the government and their fantasy of the destiny of America.
    A Romney Presidency would be doomed from the start. A man despised by his own party and reviled by the rest of the electorate. A stolen election would never be taken legitimately by much of the country. Within a month, a president Mitt Romney would end up being the most hated man in America.
    Any attempt to forcefully put down dissent would inspire greater dissent and resistance. I am stating this with conviction, a Romney presidency would destroy America and rapidly create a more Balkanized atmosphere than it already is experiencing. Obama has to be re elected today.

  2. If a woman votes with her lady smarts instead of her lady parts, she will vote for Mitt Romney.

    I'd be more worried about a stolen election from the Democrats.

  3. Mikeb - What is a landslide in your opinion? My guess is that the popular vote will be a 2-3% difference between Romney and Obama one way or the other. Say 49%-46% with neither getting to 50% of the vote. The electoral college will likely be pretty close too with the winner just barely reaching the 270 mark. I would bet the winner will end up with about 275 electoral votes. Does that sound like a landslide to you? If Romney wins with numbers like these would you say he won by a landslide?

    1. Who make a better prediction, Jim, you or me?

  4. Obama is no friend to rational gun laws (control)

  5. These two broads are good at reading their lines, just not very good at thinking for themselves. No wonder they're voting.
    Let's see what George Carlin has to say.

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