Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Modesto Grandma Arrested for Lack of Cooperation and Lying to the Police

The Modesto Bee reports
The grandmother of a 1½-year-old Modesto girl who was shot Sunday afternoon has been arrested on suspicion of child endangerment.

Maria Elena Hernandez, 57, was booked at the Stanislaus County Jail late Sunday, hours after she brought her granddaughter to Doctors Medical Center in Modesto with a gunshot wound to the torso, said Modesto police Lt. Rick Armendariz.

Police responded to the hospital after family members told employees there that the girl was the victim of a drive-by shooting at their south Modesto home. However, detectives who went to the home on Stone Leaf Court found no evidence of a drive-by shooting and neighbors said they heard nothing. There were no shell casings in the street or bullet holes in the house. 

Family members continue to provide conflicting statements and have been reluctant to explain the circumstances that led to the shooting, Armendariz said.

Hernandez was arrested because of her conflicting statements and unwillingness to explain how the child was injured while under her care, police said. The child's mother was at work at the time of the shooting.

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You can accidentally shoot kids all you want, but what you cannot do is lie to the cops and be uncooperative. Negligent shootings of kids are forgiven every day, but don't mess with the cops or you go to jail.

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  1. But Jadogold says that all a straw purchaser has to do is lie to police by saying the gun was stolen, and they get off scot free.