Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Iowa Concealed Carry Permits Surge - Criminal Shootings Surge Too

Local news reports
It's been nearly two years since Iowa became a "shall issue" concealed weapons state. As a "shall issue" state, county sheriffs can only deny concealed weapons permits for specific reasons like alcoholism, mental illness or past felony convictions. 

Since then, concealed weapons permits have surged. According to the Iowa Department of Public Safety, in 2010, 40,747 Iowans got permits to carry a gun. Last year, the first year under shall issue, that number skyrocketed to 102,729 Iowans. 

Cedar Rapids police statistics show another alarming change; a jump in gun incidents. In 2011, there were a dozen gun-related police reports in Cedar Rapids. And so far this year, there have been 52 shootings including shot-up buildings, suicides and murders. 

 But, a records search shows not one of the known offenders had a gun permit. It’s no surprise to gun shop owner Ernie Traugh. “The violence isn't coming from the ppl with permits, we don't have to worry about that,” said Cedar Valley Outfitters Owner Ernie Traugh.
That's even a bigger lie than we usually hear about the concealed carry guys being safe. It's funny how the pro-gun crowd will suspend all common sense and reason in order to claim belief in the most absurd statistics.

I cannot believe that the increase in concealed carry permits has had only an indirect affect on the increase in criminal gun incidents. I would imagine it's more direct. An indirect affect might be having their guns stolen or transferring their guns to unfit people without doing background checks.  A direct affect would be when one of the concealed carry holders actually does something wrong.

To claim that not one single person committed a gun crime is absurd. The "records search" is total nonsense, for one reason, because no one is checking. When someone kills himself or another, or commits some other gun crime, no one is checking if he has a concealed carry permit unless it comes up by accident and makes the news.  So, the truth is, we have no idea how many of these licensed gun owners are becoming criminals.

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  1. Mikeb, you always whine about how the police are just investigating, but I'm willing to give them time. The statement here is that no known offender had a carry license. Reporters sometimes get things wrong, but I don't see the police or the prosecutors contradicting the statement. When you have some actual evidence, I'll look at it. So far, all I see is your delusion.

  2. MikeB wrote, "So, the truth is, we have no idea how many of these licensed gun owners are becoming criminals."

    Oh, but we do. And we have a few different sources which all tell the same story: an exceedingly tiny number of citizens that have concealed handgun carry licenses commit crimes with a gun. As it turns out, about 1 concealed carry licensee per state uses their gun to murder someone every year. And a handful more brandish their handguns every year. That's it.

    Sources you ask? Michigan maintains a detailed database of crimes that their concealed carry licensees commit. Texas and/or Florida does as well. And you can look at the violence policy center's concealed carry killers list.

    This shouldn't be a surprise. The citizens who have concealed carry licenses have no serious criminal convictions. That alone tells us they are much less likely to commit crimes. More importantly, citizens who are responsible enough to be ready to defend themselves are just that -- responsible. Responsible people don't commit crimes.

    1. Keep tellin' yourself that, but it's lies and bullshit. The Sacred Doctrine of the Hidden Criminals refutes it.

    2. You've been shown facts repeatedly, but you ignore them. What facts do you have?

    3. mikeb302000, when did you go on the hunt to prove that all concealed carry permit holders are criminals? What precipitated that quest?