Friday, November 9, 2012

Slavery, Segregation, and Romney Voters

via Laci the Dog posting on Man with a Muckrake

 Still want to say it had nothing to do with race?  This is an interesting graphic to ponder.


  1. The election had a lot to do with racism: Democrats are incapable of letting go of race.

  2. Mikeb, is your spouse black? No. You must be a racist. You don't like black women.
    Where did you eat lunch today? McDonalds or Soul Food Cafe? If you didn't eat Soul Food you are a prejudiced honky.
    Do you go to a white barber or a black barber? I'm thinking probably a white barber you racist.

    orlin sellers

  3. Out of all the ethnicities, white people were most evenly split in their votes between the presidential candidates. To me, that indicates that white people are the least racists in who they voted for. The group with the highest racism would be African Americans followed by Hispanics.