Friday, November 9, 2012

Louisiana Approves Gun Rights Amendment

SeattlePI reports
Louisiana voters have approved a constitutional amendment to strengthen already strong gun possession rights in the state. 

The amendment eliminates language in the Louisiana Constitution that allows passage of laws prohibiting concealed weapons. It also includes a requirement that any gun restriction laws be held to a tough judicial standard.
Whenever I'm not sure what a gun story is all about, I pop over to The Truth About Guns. Over there the thoroughness of coverage cannot be beat.  Of course, you have to wade through the spinning and all the rah-rah pro-gun nonsense, but you can get the facts for sure.

The facts in Louisiana seem to be that any and all restrictions on gun rights will now be subject to legal challenge, including convicted felons owning guns and places such as schools and public buildings declaring themselves gun-free zones.

What's your opinion?  The commenters over at TTAG, to a man, support these changes completely often expressing their support with ridicule that it might have been any other way.

What do you think? Will Louisiana, which already boasts of one of the worst records on gun violence in the country, be better off with these changes?

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  1. I spent a significant part of my childhood with family in Louisiana, and still have family there. Guns are part of the culture. So is gun violence. My nephew living there has been threatened many times by people with guns and, unfortunately, has several unlocked handguns in his home with a small child. Nothing I say will change his mind. The situation there in northern Louisiana seems to become more violent with every passing year. Relaxing gun laws will only propel the state beyond its already-deplorable situation. I fear for my relatives.

  2. If it weren't so dang hot and humid down there, I'd move. But more states will follow suit.