Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fresno Multiple Shooting - 3 Dead

The death toll now stands at three from this morning's workplace shooting at a Fresno, Calif., meat processing plant.

Police say Lawrence Jones, 42, a discharged parolee shot four coworkers before shooting himself about 8:30 a.m. at Valley Protein, which makes poultry products.

Two victims and the gunman have died. Two others remain hospitalized.

"We're still trying to determine what provoked these actions," Police Chief Jerry Dyer told reporters at a news conference.
Gun-rights fanatics want to make it easier for men like this to get guns. Oh, wait, that's not exactly right.  Gun-rights fanatics want to make it easier for themselves to get guns and the side effect is that guys like Lawrence can get them more easily too.

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  1. No you ignorant, gun-rights fanatics want to make it easier for sane, responsible people to carry guns. What happens if his co-worker is an ex military, or an ex law enforcement officer, is responsible and properly trained with a firearm, has a firearm on him, and shoots this madman before he can continue? Do you blame the co-worker too because he has a gun? GOD FORBID people carry guns for self defense. Ignorance is bliss my friend...and you have a bit of it.