Saturday, November 10, 2012

Jon Stewart on the California Vote


  1. The moving business is gonna start booming and the population of California is going to increase. POOCH, DG, and Democommie are packing there bags right now so they can pay higher taxes and control what two consenting adults can do in the bedroom.
    It was probably a difficult decision between CA and NYC where control freak Bloomberg was re-elected. (Talk about irresponsible voters). But with warmer weather, beaches and plenty of fuits and flakes already there, these three nuts will complete the state's granola recipe for being the land of fruits, flakes and nuts.

    orlin sellers

  2. Stewart said one particularly apt remark in this: Voters get to decide that? California's an illustration of what happens when collective will is allowed to run amok.

    1. I would add that referendums take politicians off the hook and are usually passed in favor of those interest groups with the most money to sway voters.
      Monsanto and DuPont sure did a hell of a job in CA to sway people to vote against knowing what is in their food.

      orlin sellers