Monday, August 30, 2010

Brandon Barrett, Another War Casualty

From the Utah News.

The younger Barrett, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, was wearing full battle gear and carrying a loaded rifle when a police officer confronted him in downtown Salt Lake City on Friday afternoon. A police spokeswoman said Barrett opened fire, striking the officer in the leg. The officer returned fire, killing the 28-year-old soldier, whose bloodied body fell in a patch of grass behind the Grand America Hotel, near one of the city’s busiest intersections.

Sounds like suicide by cop to me. I blame the government. We should not be in Afghanistan.

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  1. I do not condone what he did. I feel sorry for military members. The Afghan war has nothing to do with terrorism.

    Its about funding for the military industrial complex; about heroin/drugs, and about control of our population through the guise of the phony war on terror.

  2. UtahZoo, Thanks for the comment. I think you're right.