Saturday, September 4, 2010

Violence as Political Tool

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence published a statement in the aftermath of the Discovery Building incident. In tracing the life of Jame Jay Lee, it was clear that he'd crossed a line at a certain point after which he began "to embrace violence as a way to advance his political agenda." CSGV, and I would imagine all reasonable people, says that's bad.

“In our constitutional system, violence in furtherance of political goals is always illegitimate, no matter what views one holds,” said Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Executive Director Josh Horwitz. “Our democracy is only as strong as our citizens’ commitment to engage in the lawful redress of grievances.”

What's your opinion? Does it create problems when folks think of the threat of violence as a legitimate political tool? Isn't that what suicide bombers are all about? Are we grooming our own brand of that deranged phenomenon, guys who go on suicide missions to make a political point?

Are the lawful gun owners divided on this? Aren't some of them into self-defense and home protection and others, perhaps the more fanatical among them, into threatening gun violence to make changes? Obviously the 3%ers who spout such ridiculous nonsense about the government are into this, but aren't the open carry demonstrators an example of it too, a rather benign one I admit, but isn't there a tacit threat in insisting their guns be seen where they're not wanted?

What's your opinion? Please leave a comment.


  1. Why are leftist retards so violent?

  2. James Jay Lee was more nut job than political terrorist. He wasn't using violence as a political tool so much as he was just doing what crazy people do. Anyone who read his "manifesto" could gather that he had deeply rooted psychological issues.

    And open carry is as much a "tacit threat" as a black person sitting at a segregated lunch counter or a gay couple kissing in a park.

  3. Yet anti-rights advocates push for a government monopoly of violence. Wierd.

  4. Violence is the ultimate political tool. It's no coincidence that governments that don't trust the people to vote don't also trust the people to bear arms.

    What is more democratic than allowing the people to decide their own defense?

  5. I think we need to ban middle names. It seems that lots of psychopaths or lunatics that go on a shooting spree have three names, and rountinely go by their full name.

    Lee Harvey Oswald
    Lee Boyd Malvo
    John Allen Muhammad

    Or maybe it's just the name Lee.

    I know there's more out there, and I think using my system, I'd be as effective as MikeB in removing potential killers from society if just locked up everybody with three names, or the name Lee.

  6. Van Dyke, that is totally ridiculous to try and associate gun control with the government taking away the vote. Is there no end to your grandiose victimism? Has it completely clouded your perceptions? Do you see dangers where there are none?

    I'll bet you sleep with the gun within reach, am I right?

  7. Actually, my weapon is about ten feet away from where I sleep.

    Where are yours right now Mike? Particularly the ones you owned illegally?

  8. Van Dyke, there used to be some frequent, like 5 times a day, commenters around here who used to ask me that question over and over again. Please don't turn into one of them, presuming of course you're not one of them. I was starting to think you were really John Lott.

    Here was my final answer to them with a lot of background, in case you're interested.