Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Interviews at the Rally

via One Utah. These are supposed to be your typical Glenn Back supporters.


  1. Beat me to it. I was going to post this very video.

    I've always maintained that one of the tragedies of 9/11 is that it allowed all the crazies to come out of the attic or from their mom's basement.

    Tbogg posted this video as well; he has a great comment: If the terrorists are smart, they will give up on trying to attack us and just sit back and wait, because eventually our entire country is going to be so stupid that people will start sticking their tongues in wall sockets just to see what electricity tastes like.

    It should be noted Linoge is an ardent Teabagger.

  2. No, Jade, Linoge supports the Tea Party movement. If you said you were an ardent teabagger, I might believe it.

  3. TB: Nope, Linoge is a Teabagger.

    He's not different than the many legally retarded folks in this video.

  4. There's Jadegold, showing his compassionate and mature side by calling people names.

  5. C'mon, Mikey W. Did you watch the video? These folks are legally retarded.

    Seriously, these folks are incoherent or racists or confused. Sometimes, they're all three.

    I'll bet a fair number of 'em are NRA members.

  6. Mark his words. He said so.

  7. Of the retarded things on this blog, I am still trying to decide which is the most retarded, Jade Gold or that rotating globe that hoses my browser about a third of the time.

    Tough choice. But then, Jade is retarded all of the time.

  8. The most retarded? After watching that video, you're talking about Jadegold and my spinning globe, both of which I happen to enjoy very much.

    Oh well, to each his own.