Monday, August 30, 2010

Georgia Triple Shooting

This took place in that part of Georgia just a stone's throw from both Tennessee and Alabama.

The man who set off Thursday night’s deadly shooting spree in Whitfield County spent most of last week in jail.

David Hartline, of Summerville, Ga., was arrested Monday after failing to show up in court, where he was scheduled to be a witness in a case, according to Chattooga deputies.

He was released from the Chattooga County Jail about 2 p.m. Wednesday, 25 hours before showing up drunk and armed at a birthday party for his ex-girlfriend’s daughter.

Hartline, a registered sex offender, was turned away from the party but returned with a handgun and killed Chattanooga resident Edward “Buster” Manz III and Cleveland, Tenn., resident Kenneth Simonson, authorities said. Hartline’s ex-girlfriend Mindy Bullard, who is also Manz’s daughter and Simonson’s ex-wife, was shot but survived.

Doesn't it seem we have more of these kinds of incidents in places like this than, say, New Jersey or Hawaii. I think it has something to do with the availability of guns, not that that's the only factor, but that's a big part of it.

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  1. Well, now, I would think it was due to the availability of idiots, being so close to Tennessee, and your undying love to call people living there such.

    We really need to close the idiot loophole that allows idiots to move freely from state to state.

  2. Have I called people who live in Tennessee idiots? I don't recall that.

  3. And guess what finally took him down?

    Return fire from Mann's firearm.

  4. MikeB and Jadegold, interchangeable anti-freedom zealots who hate guns and the people who own them. You have repeatedly stated that you agree wholeheartedly with Jadegold. And today he posts a perfect example of his hatred for Tennessee (Why Tennesseans Shouldn't Have Guns).

    Have you called them "idiots?" Not in so many words, but yes.

  5. Have you called them "idiots?" Not in so many words, but yes.

    Silly. "Shared Responsibility" doesn't apply to MikeB and his ilk, only to us. If it did apply he'd be screwed given Jadegold's history.

  6. My mistake. Here I thought that when he gave the keys of his blog to Jadegold, he was showing that Jadegold has his full unconditional support, especially he never rebukes him for his name-calling.

    Shared responsibility--only a good idea if MikeB employs it.

  7. Forget about sharing, I take full responsibility.