Saturday, July 23, 2011

American Gun Owners - A Breed Apart

Two American tourists spent five days in jail, put up $50,000 each in bail and are facing three years behind bars after border guards seized a small arsenal of firearms at the U.S.-Canada border crossing last week.

Danny Cross, brother-in-law Hugh Barr and their wives were on their way to Alaska to celebrate Cross's wedding anniversary when they were stopped at the Aldergrove-Huntington border on July 11.

Cross is 64 and from Texas; Barr is 70 and from California.

The Canada Border Services Agency said that when officers searched their 2008 Winnebago after they said they had nothing to declare, the officers found a derringer-type pistol, a cowboy-style revolver, three semi-automatic pistols and a shotgun.
As gun ownership increases, so do incidents like this at the Canadian border which show the absolute thoughtlessness and stupidity of some gun owners. I suppose like real smuggling, many more get away with it.

I don't feel it's safe for people who would do something this stupid to own guns in the first place. Maybe we need to organize an I.Q. or basic literacy test along with the background check. For sure, the standards are way too low naw and something needs to be done.

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  1. Six guns is considered an arsenal? You got to be kidding me. You Euros need to remember that Americans don't cross borders on a regular basis. We have a big country and can cross state boundaries with no restrictions...Also, It is not uncommon for a man from Texas to have never been out of the country with the acception of going to Mexico (where they don't stop you on the way in.) Also the kinds of weapons they were carrying hardly indicated there was anything remotely sinister about what is going on here. Much to do about nothing. They broke the law, most likely because of ignorance. It happens everyday from people going both ways. We just don't run article here in the US that say, "Canadian Pot Smokers - A Breed Apart, Canadian found with semi-automatic bong in trunk at the border." - This is just another Anti-American article posted on an Anti-American Blog.