Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ellettsville Indiana Gun Shop Shut Down reports on this exceedingly rare situation.
An Ellettsville gun shop has been shut down after an investigation revealed the owner wasn’t doing the necessary background checks on his customers or making them fill out paperwork before they purchased guns.
Everyone should realize I was being facetious when I said "exceedingly rare," or was that irony? The point is, unscrupulous FFL guys are no rarer than unscrupulous anything else, car mechanics who cheat the customers or candy-store owners who short-change people.

The oft-repeated claim that gun owners are more responsible because they own a deadly weapon or that gun shop owners are more careful because they could lose their license if they're not, is all hogwash. You've got crooks and incompetents everywhere.

And let's not forget the other type of gun dealer. Get a load of what this nut had to say for himself.

“I destroyed all my paper and I just don’t care,” Mullendore said, according to the press release. “I’m going to give people the guns they need. This is God’s shop and what (God) wants to do with it is going to happen.”
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  1. Wonder how he'll feel when he finds out that GOD wants him to do some time?

  2. So Jadegold was wrong when he said this:

    Jadegold 1/7/2011: “Think about it--what good does a background check do when anybody can buy whatever firearm they want without one? And even those dealers who are required to conduct checks have no fear of not conducting them because there are no penalties for failing to do so.”

    Apparently there are penalties, who knew?

    One comment over at SIH was pretty funny: Had the dealer been in AZ, the ATF would have *told* him to make illegal sales.

  3. Sure TS, there are penalties and sometimes they even get enforced. But, don't you agree the ATF is pitifully inequipped to do the job properly.

    Imagine what would happen if all FFLs were inspected every three months.