Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Michele Bachmann's Headaches

via Fuck Conservatives

Does she own guns, by the way?


  1. The Minnesota blogosphere is doing a pretty credible job of tracing the story about Bachmann's headaches back to former employees, particularly a former chief of staff who, not coincidentally, holds a prominent position on the Pawlenty campaign.

    This is not only apparently quite legitimate and accurate news, it seems to be another round of internecine Republican in-fighting.

  2. I wouldn’t want a president who is suffering from the kind of chronic ailment described. But what on earth do you mean by this?

    MikeB: “Does she own guns, by the way?”

  3. You know very well what I mean, TS.

    We've never specifically named migraine headache sufferers among those who should be disqualified, but there it is.

  4. What do you mean???July 22, 2011 at 5:15 PM

    What other medical conditions would you ues to prevent gun ownership,

    old age (they are too infirm to handle a firearm)

    pregnancy (got to protect the baby from lead)

    Menstruating women (I understand that they come w/ headaches)

  5. Anon: It's really not too hard to understand which medical conditions should preclude gun ownership.

    After all, even your masters at the NRA at least claim to believe in safe and responsible gun ownership.

    Thus, any medical condition which might be an impediment to safe and responsible gun ownership. That might include old age if the person cannot adequately handle a fiream or cannot see very well. Certainly if the person is mentally ill or takes medications that may impair judgment.

  6. Medical and psychological screening should be required for all gun owners. Perhaps it can be incorporated into the licensing process. It would have to be more than a cursory approval by a doctor. I'd think a sort-of may-issue policy from a medical examiner would be best.

    I can certainly understand why so many gun extremists would resist this one. Your ranks would be double-decimated.