Tuesday, November 29, 2011

THIS does more to reduce crime than carrying guns does!

Some of you may recall Bratton is the American who is being brought in by the Cameron conservative government in the UK to deal with the problems resulting from their terrible rioting earlier this fall.

These sources,  here  and here, on hot spot policing strongly support the statements made here by Bratton, as a type of analysis and solution to certain kinds of problems, in this case, crime. It would be fascinating to see if this technique, which is proven to reduce crime has a causal correlation to crime reduction in contrast to the non-causal correlation to crime and concealed or open carry.

For those of you who have a curiosity about the reference to hot spotting as an approach to educational achievement problems mentioned in the video clip below, you can read about that here.   For those of you who are interested in the health care reference to hot spot analysis and problem solving, referenced in this clip, you can read about that here.

From the Dylan Ratigan show:


  1. Putting cops where the most crimes occur--that seems obvious.

    Since there seems to be some confusion on this point, let me clarify: I do not carry a handgun as a deterrent, nor do I claim that concealed carry laws have much effect on crime rates. (Your source agrees with that: http://publichealthlawresearch.org/public-health-topics/injury-prevention/gun-safety/evidence-brief/%E2%80%9Cshall-issue%E2%80%9D-concealed-weapons-law--concealed carry is a wash as far as crime rates are concerned.) I carry a handgun to give me a tool to respond if I'm attacked.

  2. Leave it to Greg to make a stupid comment.

    OIf course, it is beyond his ability to make an intelligent and informed one.

    Anyway, the main problem is that this costs MONEY.

    And how does government get its money?

    Yeah, Taxes.

    Or borrowing.

    But most people do not want to pay the money to enforce the laws. They hate paying taxes and the "large government" that it brings about.

    Fighting crime costs money for the costs of prosecuting and "punishment/rehabilitation" (incarceration, etc.).

    So, it's easier to give people like guns so that they feel "empowered" when its fairly moronic to keep adding weapons to an already out of control situation.

  3. Easy to claim; harder to prove. Care to elaborate, Laci?

    Oh, and thanks for the elementary school lesson, but I think that we're aware that taxes are supposed to pay for services. Try explaining that to Congress.