Saturday, December 3, 2011

No Announcement YET

I don't know what kind of marriage Herman Cain has...... but I can't imagine any wife who would be happy to find out through the media that a woman in the same city has been receiving money from her husband, and apparently being flown to other cities on trips together.

The only real questions remaining to be answered is why doesn't Herman Cain realize there is no way out of this that is going to work for him, this is a question now of how best to cut his losses; and when, not if, he will announce he's dropping out of this race. I agree with the newspaper quoted in the video; Cain didn't handle this at all well.

The smart PR move would have been to make the announcement he was quitting on a late Friday afternoon / early evening, and then go 'no further comment'.

And it's not like his wife will be the only person greeting him with some hard questions on his return home. I'm sure his baptist church where he is a minister will be wanting to ask him some very pointed questions as well about his conduct.

So, why does Herman Cain think we are stupid enough to believe his denials? They are not terribly plausible, and they are getting less so, not more so, by the minute.

Nut Gingrich won't fair much better as he becomes the temporary front runner flavor of the moment. He is less likable than Romney, and he has a really big closet full of skeletons, past and present, probably even more so than Cain.

From NBC News:

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