Saturday, December 3, 2011

Racism, UK Style; we have our own, here in the U.S.

This kind of blatant, overt racism is part and parcel of the bigotry and hatred that go along with the Islamophobia promoted by groups like the English Defense League. We have versions of the same thing here in the U.S.; sometimes it focuses on color, other times on religion, sometimes it focuses on telling lies about a group of people targeted as 'other' and not belonging. A case in point would be AZ Governor Jan Brewer claiming that illegal immigrants were responsible for decapitated corpses in the AZ desert that did not in fact exist.

But the core issue issue is usually trying to restrict citizenship and rights to people who are white European descendants who follow Christianity, preferably a Protestant version. No one else is considered genuinely equal, or genuinely as much a citizen. This IS the extreme right wing, in person, up close and loud.

Anyone want to bet the foul-mouthed woman in this video would be right at home among conservatives here in the U.S.? Anyone remember when it was conservatives telling American blacks to go back to Africa, regardless of how many generations their family members had been in the United States?

I couldn't help thinking that the soap that people like Nut Gingrich and Rump Limp-paw keep recommending to the Occupy protesters might better be used to wash out this woman's mouth.

I am appalled that anyone would respond with a death threat to this woman.

But I am equally appalled that there are protesters who agree with what she was saying. Shame on both groups, and most of all, shame on the woman herself for being a foul mouthed bigot, and for setting such a deplorable, disgusting example for her child. If this is what she does in public, I can only imagine what she does in private. That the child did not seem concerned suggests that this is routine behavior from his mom. If this woman is receiving a psych evaluation, she may be in protective custody for reasons other than ONLY the response to her racist rant.


UK woman draws death threats over racist train rant
Mother locked up 'for her own protection' after profanity-laced video goes viral
Image: Woman on train
Video of a U.K. woman's racist tirade on a train quickly went viral.
updated 12/2/2011 3:38:29 PM ET
LONDON — A 34-year-old mother has drawn death threats after a video of her profanity-laced racist rant against passengers aboard a crowded train was posted on the Internet.

Emma West, a former dental receptionist, was charged with racially aggravated harassment after a video shot by a train passenger was uploaded to YouTube on Sunday and quickly went viral.

West, of New Addington, London, was remanded into custody this week "for her own protection" after the court was told "there is a serious risk of her being injured in revenge attack by the public," reported.

West, who was also referred for psychiatric evaluation, is due to appear in court again on Tuesday.

West is accused of hurling a litany of abuse and racist insults at passengers while balancing her 4-year-old child on her lap on a tram from Croydon to Wimbledon. At one point the woman tells some passengers they should go back to their own country, saying they're not British because they are black.

The video, titled "My Tram Experience," was shot by Kelly Hollingsworth, a passenger who was sitting directly opposite of West. It had been viewed more than 9 million times as of Friday.

“Cannot believe some of these people that agree with the women on the tram, kinda scary,” Hollingsworth later tweeted.

Some far-right groups have come to West's defense.

Britain First, which bills itself as a "patriotic political movement," has launched a campaign to free what some have dubbed the "Racist Tram Lady."

"Locking this feisty English mother up in jail only reinforces the suspicion that if you are British then you are a second class citizen in your own country," Britain First says on its website.

The group on Friday held a small protest outside HMP Bronzefield, the women’s prison on the outskirts of Ashford in Surrey, where West is being held. Protesters held signs that read "Free Emma West" as well as Union flags and a Britain First banner, according to an article on citizen-journalism site

"What she said on that tram was harsh, coarse and very unladylike, no doubt about that, but what abuse had she been subjected to before the camera phone was switched on?" Andy McBride, national coordinator for Britain First, was quoted as saying.


  1. I'm not English either--I'm British, you €£%$!

    I won't deny that there is a far right in the UK and has been for some time. There was Mosleys British Union of Facists who supported Hitler!

    Of course, The EDL is pretty much Islamophobic and gets a lot of sympathy from other Islamophobes.

    I can happily say that the Welsh Section of the EDL is defunct!

    Cymru am byth!

  2. And if we're gonna start toosing out non-Brits--let's start with the Royal Family!

    They only changed their name from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha during the 14-18 War to be more patriotic!

    Give Phil the Greek the boot, the bloody PIIG!!