Friday, December 2, 2011

Officer Isnora Gets a Half-assed Slap on the Wrist for the Killing of Sean Bell

Already deemed not guilty of criminal offenses in a non-jury (cover-up) trial, Officer Gescard Isnora has been "deemed reckless" by a police commission  which has recommended his dismissal. Of course that doesn't mean it will happen.  It's only a recommendation, after all.

Isnora had been assigned to the Queens strip club where the three friends were partying before Bell's wedding. Isnora said he believed Guzman had a gun because he heard him say "Get my gun" outside the club. He said he thought the men were going to their car to get a weapon and commit a drive-by shooting to get even with another group of men with whom they had been arguing moments earlier outside.

No weapon was found in Bell's car.

How could he not be in jail? That's more than a mistake.

I'm sometimes accused of wanting to ban civilian ownership of guns and allowing only cops to have them. Nothing could be further from the truth. First of all I don't want to ban guns. Secondly, not only don't I favor the police in these matters, I would hold them to an even higher standard. Sadly, they don't even come close to that standard now. Example, Gescard Isnora, a dangerous criminal and unfit gun owner who happens to have a badge.

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  1. Mikeb302000,

    You don't want to ban guns? Perhaps so, but you do want to ban gun ownership.

    Please explain how these cases support the idea that the police are so well trained that they get to carry something that the rest of us shouldn't.

  2. Greg, I've said many times I don't think the cops should be treated any differently than civilian gun owners. Both should be subject to intense scrutiny and be required to do serious training.

    Nobody should casually be able to arm himself, and although the police have some screening and training, it's sadly inadequate.