Thursday, December 1, 2011

Shooting Guns For Toys For Tots

Local news in Twin Falls Idaho reports on more mingling of children and Christmas with guns and shooting sports. My objection is that the use of guns, for any reason whatever, is inherently violent. That's at best. Often it involves fantasies of killing animals or people. To mix this with the most wholesome activities like procuring toys for kids, is an abomination. Well, perhaps abomination is too strong, how about a travesty?  However you call it, it's sick.


  1. This is why you're an extremist, Mikeb302000. A shooting society is holding a charity event for children, and all you can do is wring your hands. Please, put a statement at the beginning of every article that you write to the effect that you don't want anyone to own a gun, ever. That nothing that we gun owners do will satisfy you.

    We know this about you, but it would be refreshing to see you admit it.

  2. Here, adn I was beginning to think you were getting me.

    I understand your dilemma. What I really preach is so reasonable you cannot successfully argue against it so you exaggerate what I say and argue against that.

    Pretty smart.

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