Thursday, June 7, 2012

Riker's Island Officer Does Murder, Attempted Murder and Suicide

Correction Officer Shawn Bryan

The New York Daily News reports

Bryan’s rampage came less than an hour after his baby’s mother, Charlene Mitchell, 29, took out an order of protection against him, claiming he was a “demon” who terrorized her.

Bryan, 34, shot Springfield Officer Kevin Ambrose, 56, through the door of Mitchell’s apartment, then opened it and put a bullet in the helpless cop’s skull.

Bryan then shot Mitchell in the head and ran from the apartment. He later shot himself in his car, authorities said.

Do you think if we took a good look at this guy's past we'd find reason to take his guns and badge away?

Better screening and higher standards for qualifying, that's what we need.

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  1. He's a corrections officer in New York? Doesn't that suggest that he's been through a lot of screening already? Here's a thought: Human beings sometimes snap. If the evaluation process that is likely in place already for officers like this didn't catch him, not much would have done so. We don't want the kind of government intrusion necessary to catch everyone. Why don't you value your own rights, Mikeb, enough to see that?

    1. The training and screening for cops is as weak and ineffectual as it is for civilians. I've said it before.

    2. You say a lot, and most of it is bullshit. Why do you think that the training and screening for police doesn't work? What's your EVIDENCE?

  2. Mikeb, you have an odd attitude regarding law enforcement. You expect us to rely on them for our protection, but at the same time, you regard them as poorly trained and screened. How do you square those two?